Harcourt Inc.

May 2007

$6.95 US

176p pb

ISBN: 978-0152062835

fp October 2005

What I Believe: a novel

Norma Fox Mazer

from the book...

Victory Marnet has a passion for words. Poems, journals, letters, lists. Vicki writes about anything - including her big mess of a life. Not that her life was always that way. But her dad losing his job ruined everything.


And then there's that terrible thing she did. That thing she can't admit to anyone. Not to her parents. Not to her brothers. Not even to her new best friend.

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What I Believe is a verse novel written by Norma Fox Mazer.  The story is about a young girl who went from having a rich family and a great life to having not much money and everything falling apart. Then she realises although her life isn’t as good as it used to be but it is not as bad as she thinks.

I enjoyed the book. I think it is for older readers; it is an interesting story about a young girl life and I recommend it. Overall I rate the story an 8/10.

Alanna, Year 6, Canberra, Australia

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