Schwartz & Wade Books
Random House

October 2011

$18.99 US

48p hc

ISBN: 978-0375843846

Never Forgotten

Patricia C. McKissack

artwork by Leo & Diane Dillon

from the book...

This is the story of a blacksmith, Dinga, who could speak the names of the Mother Elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind - and have them do his bidding.

This is the story of Dinga's son, Musafa, taken captive, sent across the sea, and sold into slavery.

And though earth makes the ground shake under the feet of the captors, though Fire scorches their path, this is the story of a father who loses a son.

Patricia C. McKissack and Leo and Diane Dillon have created a beautiful, powerful, truly unforgettable story about family, memory and freedom.

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