Scholastic Inc.

October 2003

$7.99 US

136p pb

ISBN: 978-0439490368

Talking In The Dark: a poetry memoir

Billy Merrell

from the book...

Talking about love. Talking about life. Talking in the dark.


Life is lived in moments. The moments you know - when you see your parents' marriage dissolving, when you realize you're a boy who likes boys, when you speak the truth and have no way of knowing how it will be heard. The moments you don't recognize until later - when you leave things unsaid (even to yourself), when you feel your boyfriend letting go, when you give up on love. And the moment you get love back.


In an amazing set of poems, Billy Merrell tells an ordinary story in an extraordinary way. It's about waking up to who you really are and who you want to be. There is risk, there is joy, and there is heartbreak in facing the moments -  and finding the words to talk your way through.

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