Fremantle Press

August 2015

$19.99 AU

254p hc

ISBN: 978-1925163131

Sister Heart

Sally Morgan

from the book...

Taken from afar from everyone and everything she knows and loves, Annie must make a new life in  a strange world. A sister-friend brings fresh hope, but can it last?

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Sister Heart is a verse novel about the Stolen Generation. A young Aboriginal girl is taken away from her home and family and given a new name, Annie. She is sent to an institution, far from her home and sent to school to learn English. The school is a harsh place for a grieving girl, but friendship and kinship emerge and give her the strength to survive.

This is an affecting book, told economically through the verse format. Told in first person, the power of the word is palpable. You feel strongly for Annie (and others), for the injustice of being ripped from their families, not sure why and living in a totally alien and harsh environment. The theme of loss runs through the book but so does the power of friendship, family and culture. Nicely packaged within hard covers this is a book readers from 10 plus. Recommended.

Stephen, Canberra

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