January 2022

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103pp pb

ISBN: 978-1629795874

fp April 2001

Carver: a life in poems

Marilyn Nelson

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George Washington Carver was born a slave in Missouri about 1864 and was raised by the childless white couple who had owned his mother. In 1877 he left home in search of an education, eventually earning a master's degree. In 1896 Booker T. Washington invited Carver to start the agricultural department at the all-black staffed Tuskegee Institute, where he spent the rest of his life seeking solutions to the poverty among landless black farmers by developing new uses for soil-replenishing crops such as peanuts, cowpeas, and sweet potatoes. Carver;'s achievements as a botanist and inventor were balanced by his gifts as a painter, musician, and teacher.

This collection of poems by award-winning poet Marilyn Nelson provides a compelling and revealing portrait of Carver's complex, richly interior, profoundly devout life.

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