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September 2002

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ISBN: 978-0812649154

17: a novel in prose poems

Liz Rosenberg

from the book...

She stands at the edge of - a bridge, a road, a modd, a field. Wandering a little farther off. A little farther each day. But is she drawing closer, too?


Stephanie is seventeen, engulfed in passionate first love, and struggling to find her way.


Told in spare, intense prose poems, Stephanie's story begins in early fall and moves through a dark winter of loss leading to self-discovery and into a spring of newly awakened hope and promise, paralleling the myth of Persephone's journey into and through the underworld.


But, while the novel chronicles Stephanie's pain, it also heralds her humour, creativity, and keen observations of the bewildering and sometimes absurd world around her. 17 captures the ambiguities and contradictions of this pivotal year.

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Seventeen is a book about the emotional journey of a girl named Stephanie. Steph is just like any seventeen-year-old girl and has a fairly normal life until she meets Denny Pistill. Denny belongs to a rich family, has different tastes but like Stephanie enjoys poetry; and it is the love of poetry that pulls them both closer to each other. She is deeply in love with Denny at the start but as the seasons change so does Stephanie’s feelings for Denny. They both go through a lot of different situations that have a big impact on their lives. She goes through a dark and strange journey by meeting new people, forming new relationships and looking hard at her old ones to finally discover herself.

I found this book to be fairly emotional; it covers a lot of issues, such as depression, fear, crisis, hope and adolescence. It is a very realistic novel that shows how hard relationships can be for some teenagers. I quite enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone fourteen and up.

Japna, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

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