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January 2015

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ISBN: 978-0143571780

For The Forest Of A Bird

Sue Saliba

from Penguin Random House...

'I want to tell you that he's coming home ... and it's going to be like it was before he went away, before everything broke apart.' 

Nella waits for the swallows by the creek each spring. It's a secret vigil she's followed ever since her father left.

This year she's going to take him with her ... but can we ever return to the way things were?

A novel about love and the things you can and can't change, from the winner of the Victorian's Premier's Literary Award for young adult fiction.

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For the Forest of a Bird is an absolutely magnificent novel. Nella is in a situation in which most people would not find themselves. Her father has left, and her mother is mentally ill and keeps trying to die. Each spring since her father left, Nella watches the swallows return to the creek. This year, she has a plan to bring her father back to see the swallows and maybe convince him to stay. When her father becomes ill and she travels to see him, she discovers many things about the past and the present, and realises that things can never be the same.

Sue Saliba’s writing is amazing. The plot is so complex yet so simple, and it all comes together to create a near-perfect novel about love and trust. This book is for everyone over the age of 12. There are subtleties in this book that might be lost on anyone younger. All I can say about this book is… outstanding!

Daphne, age 16

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