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July 2008

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ISBN: 978-0733322907

Against The Tide

Irini Savvides

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Katie and Matt are champion ocean swimmers, who love nothing better than a challenge that will test their training and skills to the limit. But even the toughest Sydney beach is nothing compared with the course of events mapped out for them by their parents!

Effi and Christie live in another world - intense, funny, often overheated and far removed from the coast in so many ways. And when those two worlds meet, in an unforgettable blend of love and loss, violence and poetry, only the strongest will succeed in swimming against the tide.

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Set in Sydney, Against the Tide is a verse novel about teenagers from the opposite worlds of beachside Cronulla and the western suburbs. These worlds come together when 16 year old Katie, a champion ocean swimmer, finds herself forced to move to the western suburbs where she meets Greek-Australian Effie who is afraid of the sea. So begins the story of a cultural divide, an unlikely friendship and an unexpected romance.

Irini Savvides is not afraid to tackle the ugly side of today’s multi-cultural Australia, weaving into her story the ethnic tensions that finally exploded into the Cronulla riots. This creates a strong sense of reality in time and place for her characters.

Easy to read, this is a fast-moving verse novel with believable characters which held my interest from beginning to end. Readers around Katie and Effie’s age who like stories about friendship, family and love should find plenty to enjoy here.

Irene, Canberra, Australia

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