A Bantam Starfire book
Bantam Books

March 1992

$3.50 US

64p pb

ISBN: 978-0553294484

fp October 1990

followed by Under The Pear Tree

Judy Scuppernong

Brenda Seabrooke

illustrated by Ted Ledwin

from the book...

We knew our mothers disapproved of Judy. They never said so. Looks were enough.


Judy Scuppernong. That's what we called her. My best friends, Lala and Stacy, and I couldn't resist the freedom, fun, and magic she brought into our quiet, predictable lives.


As the summer ended I discovered a sad secret about Judy. When she disappeared as mysteriously as she arrived, we knew things would never be quite the same because of our friendship with Judy. Oh, that Judy Scuppernong.

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