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September 1997

$13.99 US

93p hc

ISBN: 978-0525652137

sequel to Judy Scuppernong

Under The Pear Tree

Brenda Seabrooke

illustrated by Roger Essley

from the book...

It is summer again in Fitzgerald, Georgia, and Deanna, Stacy, and Lala are a year older. A new subject drops into their world: boys, " an exotic species, like Tasmanian Devils or Komodo Dragons."

In a series of poetic narratives, a sequel to the highly acclaimed Judy Scuppernong, the past of a tenderer age is rediscovered.

The girls explore the world of the early 1950s, of dog weddings, a visiting cousin with a secret, the courting couple across the street, Mimi of the perfect hair, a Marine healing after the war, a newcomer who reveals foreign vistas. But after a party at Bowen's Mill, when Stacy takes her first step toward adulthood, their world will never be quite the same.

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I read Under The Pear Tree, the sequel to Judy Scuppernong by Brenda Seabrooke. The story tells us about the lives of Stacy, Lala and Deana, just as they begin to enter their teenage years. The three girls reminisce about their childhood while entertaining Deana's cousin and thinking about boys. Not to mention Stacy's secret she's keeping from Lala and Deana.

Under The Pear Tree is a touching book set in the 1950's and suited for a younger audience; perhaps girls aged 11 to 13. I found it left the ending unfinished, and the language used wasn't very effective. Despite that, though, the characters are credible and imaginative and very realistic. You can easily form a bond with Deana, the narrator, and become quite attached.

I learnt that you may come across disruptive people but you have to deal with it as best you can because they're probably facing hardships of their own. I also learnt that you can't stop growing up and you'd better enjoy it as much as you can by being enthusiastic and imaginative. Under The Pear Tree is a heart-warming book and I found it extremely delightful.

Sarah, Year 9, Canberra, Australia

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