Fitzhenry & Whiteside

December 2012

$9.95 US

198p pb

ISBN: 978-1554552450

Counting Back From Nine

Valerie Sherrard

from the book...

“There are rules for what I’ve done.  Specific punishments for crimes against friendship.”

Laren Olivier knows the rules, but her attraction to a friend’s ex-boyfriend is strong.  She tells herself that if she and Scott can keep their new romance a secret, no one will get hurt.  But Laren is not the only one with something to hide. 

Thus begins a year-long journey through secrets, lies, exposures and betrayals.  Somehow, Laren must find a way to reconcile who she is with what she’s done.  And when tragedy strikes, she finds herself struggling with a discovery so shocking it rocks the very foundation of her world.

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