Penguin Books

February 2006

$19.95 AU

210p pb

ISBN: 978-0143003762

Nine Hours North: a lyrical tale of culture, identity, love...and letting it all go

Tim Sinclair

from the book...

Nine hours north of everything I knew,

all of my life that's made sense so far...


Things stopped making sense 

from the moment Adam arrived in Japan - 

the conservative job, the shoebox apartment

and the growing weight of his relationship

with Sarah.


By the time Marianne arrives,

he's been battery-caged for so long

it all seems normal - 

but then she changes everything...

A bittersweet novel about finding the strength to move forward.

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Nine Hours North tells the bittersweet story of couple Sarah and Adam who are living together in Nagoya, Japan, nine hours north of Australia. Adam works for Nagoya Language Centre teaching English to company executives from Toyota. The two 21 year olds have been in a relationship for 4 years whose relationship is starting to strain. They have planned a cycling tour of Hokkaido before setting off for a few months in Europe. Before they leave, Marianne comes into their life. She’s an old acquaintance of Sarah’s and comes to stay for a while with the two of them. However, it is Adam who takes a shine to her and sees all the things he’s missing in Marianne…

This is a touching novel told in verse which looks at relationships, growing and changing against the backdrop of a foreign country and customs. It is about moving forward, facing challenges and making decisions. Divided into sections with illustrations at the beginning of each, this is a book to read and enjoy as you journey with Sarah and Adam. Recommended for adult and older young adult readers.

Stephen, Adelaide, South Australia

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