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April 2013

$19.99 AU

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ISBN: 978-0143567684


Tim Sinclair

from the book...

Dee lives for parkour and the alternative worlds he invents to escape his mundane life. He knows the city better than anyone - the hidden spaces at night, the views that no one else sees, from heights no one else can scale. With parkour, he's not running away. He's free.

But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. And soon Dee is running for his life, running for real.

Run is an unmissable, paranoid thriller - genre fiction meets literary verse novel.

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Tim Sinclair’s Run is a story about one teen boy on the run from the world. Dee, a parkour fanatic and his friend Jess live in a city ruled by two worlds, everyday life and the adrenalin-filled parkour fantasy. Then one day Dee’s two worlds collide as he gets tricked and threatened in strange events featuring one mysterious stalker and an iPod. Dee must run from everything he knows and with the help of Jess, work out what must be done to escape death.

This book is a brilliant cliff-hanger which will have you hooked until the last page. When I read Run, the thing that really caught my eye was the use of effects such as word shaping on each page and the descriptive language, both of which make you feel like you are in Dee’s situation and world.

I would recommend this book to 13-18 year olds who like adventure and books that let you escape your world with each turn of the page. Run is a good read with lots of action and surprise. Well done to Tim Sinclair!

Sally, age 13, Canberra, Australia

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