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May 2013

$9.99 US

276p pb

ISBN: 978-1442493858

fp October 2001

followed by What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know

What My Mother Doesn't Know

Sonya Sones

from the book...

My name is Sophie.

This book is about me.

It tells

the heart-stoppingly riveting story

of my first love.

And also of my second.

And, okay, my third love too.


It's not that I'm boy crazy.

It's just that even though

I'm almost fifteen

it's like

my mind

and my body

and my heart

just don't seem to be able to agree

on anything.

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Yet another gem by Sonya Sones, What My Mother Doesn’t Know is an awesome book containing magical poems about love, confusion, boys, and growing up. Through the poems we can delve into the mind of 14 year of Sophie and know her thoughts, feelings and dreams, as if they were our own.

The poems are excellent and not only are they creative, they are intriguing. I found it hard to put the book down, as the storyline was powerful, enjoyable and compelling.

Sonya Sones’ previous book, Stop Pretending is a hard act to follow, but yet again, she produced another exceptional story that is a benchmark in modern poetry.

The cover of this book will surely grab you as it is beautifully presented in hardback, and is definitely a high quality read.

I loved What My Mother Doesn’t Know so much and I would recommend it to any teenage girl!

Suzi, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

What My Mother Doesn’t Know, by Sonya Sones, is a touching story about a teenage girl, who is troubled with the problems of school, love and life. The book is written lyrically and from the point of view of the girl, Sophie. Her story is on the rewards and the penalties of falling in love with the wrong guy.

I loved the book, it was a wonderfully written and thought out story with a new and exciting look into the head of a teenage girl. The book brings out many emotions. The way the book is written makes you feel as if you are sharing all of Sophie’s emotions with her.

This is an excellent novel that I recommend to be read by any teenage girl who enjoys a well-written story or just a good laugh.

Aleera, age 16, Canberra, Australia

What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones is a verse novel that shows the heartache and confusion of being young and boy crazy. The book is about a young teenage girl, Sophie, being in love for the first time, and the second, and the third too!! Sophie has a hard time trying to figure out the difference between lust and love. In the end it shows you that being in love isn’t just about loving what you see on the outside but loving what’s on the inside.


I quite enjoyed What My Mother Doesn’t Know and found some parts to be quite funny. Although the verses are quite simple and short, each one tells you so much and gives you a lot of depth into Sophie’s personality and life. Considering I don’t like reading much, especially long things, each page just seemed to fly by and by the second half of the book I didn’t want to put it down. I’d recommend this book for any teenage girl who likes an easy read and loves books about being in love. After reading this book by Sonya Sones I’m very interested in finding out what her other books are like. 


Shannon, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

What my mother doesn’t know, by Sonya Sones is an awesome verse novel about a teenage girl growing up and dealing with family, friends and love. It tells the story of 14 year old Sophie falling in and out of love, her parents fighting, and the dramas that go on at school. Sophie also finds out the difference between lust and love and discovers that love goes deeper than what you can see on the outside. This novel also touches on facing fears and looking past peer embarrassment.


I really enjoyed reading What My Mother Doesn’t Know as it was a very easy to read verse novel. By the second half of the book I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Sonya didn’t go into too much detail about the surroundings of each scene, which I enjoyed because it made your mind wander to the possibilities of where it’s set. Even though Sophie is younger than me in the story I still found her actions, outbursts and problems similar to what we have today, here and now. I found the climax of the story really well written and Sonya described all Sophie’s feelings really well.


I really liked the characters in the book they were brilliantly described and you can really see every characters’ personality and moods. They made mistakes like we do, they have the same relationship struggles as teens do today and they acted like any normal teenager. I found that I really did care about Sophie and I became attached to her while reading about her and getting to know her.


The language of the book was suitable for most teenage readers as the dialogue was really easy to follow. I would have liked to receive this book as a gift as it’s not something I would normally pick out. I would recommend What my mother doesn’t know to everyone my age as it’s easy to read although the problems it deals with everyone has faced. I don’t really feel that I’ve changed from this book although I'm glad that I read it as it gave me a different perspective on some issues that are all around us today.


Madi, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

I chose this book as my personal study for my 5th year exam. I'm glad I did because it was a really interesting book and I was able to relate to the matters that Sophie had to handle. Even though I’m not Jewish I was still able to understand why she was annoyed by Dylan not wanting to tell his parents about it! I’m glad to say that I have been told that I will pass my exam with this! I must say that Sonya Sones is a very good writer and poet and I am also in the middle of reading another book by her and I am really into it.

Laura, Fife, UK

What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones, is about a girl named Sophie who lives with her mother and father. Sophie is Jewish and does almost everything with her friends Fiona and Hannah. They nearly always have sleepovers where they talk about the boys that they like, go to the movies and other girly things. Sophie always talks about a boy named Dylan who she is in love with. He ends up asking her out, which makes her the happiest girl alive. Sophie and Dylan constantly kiss behind sheds, in the movies, where ever they can until she starts to notice some things that change about him and herself. She starts to get taller than him and he doesn’t seem as interested in her as he used to be. They hardly seem to do anything together and when they go to the movies he is actually watching the movie instead of kissing which is what they usually do. Dylan and Sophie end up breaking up which isn’t much of a surprise to either of them.

Sophie likes to talk on her computer a lot and she meet a guy who she thinks is perfect but she soon finds out that he is one of those sick minded people that could be 50 for all she knows.

It is the school holidays and both of Sophie’s best friends go away with their families. As a bit of fun she decides to go around her town and pretend that she is a tourist. She goes to a few restaurants for breakfast and lunch and then goes to the art gallery. She sees a boy that goes to her school called Murphy who doesn’t have any friends and keeps to himself. Sophie says hi to him and they start talking. They end up having lunch, exchange numbers and meet up the next day even though she has second thoughts.

Could Murphy be the one for Sophie?

I really liked this book. I don’t think that there was one boring part in it. There is always something happening and it is about teenage problems. If you like books about real life problems, boys, girly stuff then I would suggest this book to you.  I recommend this book to mostly girls ages 11 to 15 and I rate this book a  4 out of 5.

Rachel, Year 8, Canberra, Australia

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