G. P.  Putnam's Sons

March 2005


57p hb

ISBN: 978-0399242182

follows Fearless Fernie

Worlds Apart: Traveling with Fernie and Me

Gary Soto

illustrated by Greg Clarke

from the book...

Fernie and his best friend met as babies and have depended on each other through all the drama of middle school. Their friendship can handle anything the world has to offer, and they imagine it all! 


From boxing an Australian kangaroo to tasting cheese as holey and smelly as their socks in Switzerland and sinking in Zambian quicksand, the globe is a playground for their imaginations, and readers will be glad they took the trip.


Gary Soto's funny, accessible poems first brought these characters to life in Fearless Fernie: Hanging Out With Fernie and Me, and Greg Clarke's witty illustrations will elicit nods of recognition, pangs of sympathy, and bursts of laughter.

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