Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

April 2019

$16.00 USD

200p hc

ISBN: 978-0802855138


Eileen Spinelli

from WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co...

Twelve-year-old Birdie Briggs loves birds. They bring her comfort when she thinks about her dad, a fire-fighter who was killed in the line of duty. Life without her dad isnít easy, but at least Birdie still has Mom and Maymee, and her friends Nina and Martin.

But then Maymee gets a boyfriend, Nina and Martin start dating, and Birdieís mom starts seeing a police officer. And suddenly not even her beloved birds can lift Birdieís spirits. Her world is changing, and Birdie wishes things would go back to how they were before. But maybe change, painful as it is, can be beautiful too.

With compelling verse and a light-hearted touch, Eileen Spinelli captures the poignancy of adolescence and shows what can happen when you let people in.

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