Dial Books
for Young Readers
Penguin Group

June 2007

$16.99 US

112p hc

ISBN: 978-0803731226

Where I Live

Eileen Spinelli

illustrated by Matt Phelan

from Penguin Books...

Diana loves where she lives. She loves the astronomy charts on her walls and the fact that she can wave to her best friend, Rose, from her very own window. And best of all, a wren has recently made its home right by her front door! When her family is forced to move, Diana wonders if she'll ever find that same grounded and happy feeling again.


This gentle and ultimately redeeming story in poems is about those secure and fulfilling friendships that happen naturally and easily when you live right next door, and the struggles of losing the comfort of a familiar place. Matt Phelan's warm and expressive illustrations perfectly complement Eileen Spinelli's tender-hearted and unique tale that reminds us that sometimes a little uprooting and change is necessary for growth.

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