Amulet Books

March 2014

$19.95 AU

184p hc

ISBN: 978-1419710339

Book 3

follows Like Bug Juice on a Burger

Like Carrot Juice On A Cupcake

Julie Sternberg

illustrations by Matthew Cordell

from Amulet Books..

In the third installment from the team who created Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie and Like Bug Juice on a Burger, Eleanorís relationship with her best friend, Pearl, experiences its first growing pains. When a glamorous new student transfers to school, at first Eleanorís excited about the possibility of a new friend. But when Pearl is assigned to be the new girlís buddy, Eleanor fears she canít compete. To make matters worse, Eleanorís been chosen for the lead role in the springtime musical, which means she has to sing a solo in front of the entire school!
From overcoming stage fright to having a secret crush, young readers will relate to Eleanor as she navigates the bittersweet waters of growing up.

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