A Dolphin Paperback
Orion Children's Books

May 2002

$14.95 AU

125p pb

ISBN: 978-1842550588

The Journal Of Danny Chaucer (Poet)

Roger Stevens

from the book...

An amazing year awaits Danny Chaucer (poet). A new guitar, a new band, a new girlfriend and a hit record. In Danny's dreams...

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The Journal of Danny Chaucer (poet) is a verse novel, that is written in poetry by performance poet, author, musician and artist Roger Stevens. It was first published in 2002, in Great Britain by Orion Children’s Books. 

This short, but interesting and funny story is written in the first-person and tells the story of a year in Danny Chaucer’s life. He has a new guitar, a new band but can’t stop thinking of Jenny Keane.

This book is a lot of fun to read. It is really short and easy to read but it remains witty and entertaining. Nearly anyone can enjoy reading this book but kids from about 10 up will probably enjoy it more than others.

The poems all vary in one way or another. They are smart, tasteful and slightly out of the ordinary. I found great pleasure in reading them. My favourites are the songs Danny writes for his band which are mostly about love. Roger Stevens is an incredibly talented writer, something most evident in this book. It made me feel quite contented and I have since searched for more of his work. This is an excellent book, which I recommended to anyone wanting a light and easy read which doesn’t force you to think but stays clever at the same time.

Darren, age 15, Canberra, Australia

The Journal of Danny Chaucer is a verse novel written by Roger Stevens. The book is about a boy who has a dream to become a rock star; he joins a band and writes song about the love of his life Jenny Keane. He receives a new guitar, a fender Stratocaster and his father is heaps proud of him.

I thought this book was a good and would be suitable for readers aged 10 to 12. The book is an easy book to read because it is in verse novel style.

Alex, Year 8, Canberra, Australia

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