Candlewick Press

April 2003

$24.95 AU

155p hc

ISBN: 978-0763618544

At The End Of Words: a daughter's memoir

Miriam Stone

from the book...

I turn back toward the street and catch her eye. I haven’t been accepted to school yet. She hasn’t announced her death yet. But in that glance is our first goodbye.

Miriam’s mother is dying of cancer, and for the first time in this young writer’s life, words seem impotent. To tell her mother the lifetime of things she wants to say is akin to losing hope. To say goodbye is to give up. Even writing poetry, which once flowed in long streams, no longer comforts. She writes a different poetry now, spare and without answers. 

Through raw journal entries and poems, Miriam Stone has created a stirring tribute and a fearlessly written memoir. In the year of her mother’s death, Miriam discovers that poetry is found not only on a page, but in every moment of every day.  And that at the end of words comes a new beginning.

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