Guillotine Press

May 2017

$22.95 AUD

220p pb

ISBN: 978-0995399136

It's Your World: a verse novel

Kristy-Lee Swift

from Guillotine Press...

Gina says ‘It’s your world,’ but it doesn’t seem that way to Evie, especially after Evie’s dad has a brain haemorrhage. But Evie doesn’t just moan her plight; she writes it. She writes about a mother she never met, an aunt she hasn’t seen in forever and all the other stuff you’re supposed to get up to when you’re fifteen. But it doesn’t stop there or even settle down when her dad comes home from hospital. 

Alcohol, existentialism and hair dye, will Evie verse them all and come out on top of the world? 

After all, Evie’s not really evil, she’s just up to no good.

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This teen novel in verse tells the story of Evie, a girl who is not evil but just up to no good (as her brother describes her). Evie is at that stage in life where she is questioning the world and what she believes. She lives at home with her strict father, her mother died when she was younger, she overhears it was suicide but has never been told the real reason. With her brother moving out, Evie is increasingly worried about her life as that will leave her with her father and gran – both religious, strict and who don’t understand her. She turns to her Aunt Ruth but she lives far away. When her dad has a brain aneurysm she is left even more alone…

This is an easy to read novel about Evie’s world which she does not always feel she is in control of. It’s one of those books you can easily pick up from where you left off. It covers many relevant teen issues, both heavy and light. A recommended read to those who enjoy realistic teen novels.

Bea, Canberra

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