Marshall Cavendish

October 1998

$14.95 US

48p hc

ISBN: 978-0761450351

A Lion's Hunger: poems of first love

Ann Turner

illustrations by Maria Jimenez

from the book...

A new boy today…

I am definitely interested

She believes he exists only for her, put here to fill the emptiness inside. It is September when they meet and she knows that he is the one…he feeds the lion’s hunger inside her. It is the beginning of Love – they are dedicated, sincere, making a religion of first love.

Until…an accident leaves them lucky, but damaged. They are forbidden, yet when there is a reprieve, something has changed. It is May now and he’s distant, doesn’t phone. Can she heal?

Will the gnawing ache inside remain forever? Was it worth it?

With the passion, the singularity that is first love, these poems trace a young woman’s experience. From joyous beginning to sudden despair, and slowly, surely to recovery and renewal, the cycle of romance is eloquently revealed.

Whether in the midst of an affair of the heart, or fondly remembering a lifetime ago, the reader will embrace this collection of emotions that burns so fiercely, so true.

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