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Margaret Wild

from the book...

At first she is Jen. Reliable , responsible (the school says). Dull, safe and boring (Jen says). She lives with her mother and her sister, Grace, in Sydney. Art is her best subject, but she doesn't know if she has the will to be a painter. She wishes for something to happen. Anything. Everything!


Then Jen becomes the girl who's famous at school because her boyfriends die, and she claims the name they use for her - Jinx. The one who is cold and unfeeling. It's only when she falls in love again that she can begin to find her way back to Jen. 


Jinx is a powerful verse novel about identity, loss, and love.

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Jinx, the book that hooks you from the start,

A book from which you will never part.


Suicide, alcohol, drugs and more,

Jen’s heart is left wounded and sore.


Jen meets Charlie, trouble from the start,

Jinx now her name, they were never apart.


Charlie is dead and Ben has gone,

All happiness has been foregone.


Her loss is great, her friends can’t understand,

Jinx meets Hal, he holds her hand.


Her name now Jen, happiness returns,

But friends and family will always be concerned.


Elizabeth, age 14, Melbourne, Australia



Jinx, by Margaret Wild is a verse novel about a girl going through a transition period in her life.  Jen is going through a hard time, her boyfriend commits suicide and she is afraid to love anyone – she begins to call herself Jinx and finds herself in all sorts of trouble from then on.


The story shows how Jinx and her family cope with the sadness of losing someone close, and also her friends who have to deal with Jinx’s change and the loss of their friend.


As the story develops we see changes in Jinx and begin to realise she is coping better with her sadness but she is continually emotionally wounded by the twists of events in her life.


This book was fantastic, the verse novel genre was especially effective in portraying the character’s feelings.  The book shows a relevance to every teenagers life and helps to show the pain felt by those around a suicide victim.  I think this book is great for an older audience.


Bec, age 17, Canberra, Australia



Jinx is a touching story about a young girl name Jen and her life. Jen is a good kid, but she fears that she is too good; she wants to drink, smoke and have sex all before she is 18. Throughout the book we learn about Jen and her friends. Jen’s boyfriend has just committed suicide and she is struggling to come to grips with this. Jen has many emotional episodes throughout the story. The way that the story is written in verse conveys everybody’s feelings and emotions very well.


The verse manages to convey everyone’s trials, tribulations and emotions about the events of the story very well. I like how we get to know each character and exactly what makes them all tick. It is different to most of the books that I usually read which makes it interesting.


I like the character of Grace as she seems to be more and more sane as the story progresses. I feel sorry for Grace as she has Downs Syndrome and this book got me thinking of how bad it would be to have a terrible problem such as this. The character of Ruthless is also very likeable, she seemed a bit of a nerd at the start but I liked her more and more as the story progressed. However I did find most of the characters were a bit depressing at times.


Overall an enjoyable book even though it is a bit depressing at times.


Peter, age 16, Canberra, Australia


Jinx is a book about a young girl, Jen, going through a rough patch in her life. The book is full of emotions and events. Jinx, whose real name is Jen, is someone who wants to experience everything by the end of her teen years. She lives with her mum and younger sister, Grace, in Sydney. Jen is trying to come to terms with the death of her suicidal boyfriend and goes on an emotional rollercoaster ride. When her second boyfriend dies she and others then label her as Jinx. Is she really a jinx? Will she get her life back on track again?

This book was very enjoyable to read. All the characters in the book suffer different emotions at different times. I like how everyone has their say in the book and you hear everyone’s perspective. I would highly recommend this to teenagers to see how easily your life can go downhill and how with the will you can turn this around and get your life back on track. The issues in this book are very relevant to teenagers and should be taken noticed of. The verse novel genre really gets you entranced in the book and is an extremely effective way of presenting all the character’s views. This book would be most suited to teenagers and above.

Brenton, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

If you are looking for a book about love and happiness with a happy fairytale ending then this book is definitely not for you.

Jinx is a story about a girl named Jen. Jen has this problem it seems that everyone she falls in love with dies. First her boyfriend commits suicide; this came as a shock to her and she starts to do some weird things after his death. Her next boyfriend was killed in a fight after which everyone starts to call her Jinx, because they think that she is bad luck.

This verse novel is a quick read and can be finished in a few hours. It deals with many issues about love, death and suicide. This is a very powerful novel because it deals with suicide, death and what can happen when two people you love die. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to the teenager age group. I really liked this book and give it 5 out of 5.

Ben, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

Jinx is about a mysteriously unlucky girl, Jen, who has two boyfriends die, on her.  The first to leave was Charlie, who found that his life was too hard to continue; he finds that deciding to commit suicide easier than living. Her second boyfriend was unlucky enough to lose his life, from being knocked over and having his head hit the side of the curb. Jen’s life is turned into disarray, as she is dead to herself, and loses all hope and courage for life; she becomes Jinx.

I think that this book would be suitable to people aged 14 onwards.  It was clever the way the writer describes Jinx’s transformation, and how bad Jinx felt; the book kept me interested the whole way through with clever ways of describing feelings. Jinx made me think about what my life would be like if I experienced things that were as shocking as what happened to Jinx.  While reading I was reminded of a friend of mine who kept to himself, and then told me that two of his friends had died in the same week, he too was distraught and felt like his life was over and not worth keeping his life going.

Michael, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

Jen thought her life was nothing but boring and just wished for something to happen, anything, everything! What Jen didn’t know was her life was about to do a complete 180 and maybe life is better off simple.

Jen falls in love with Charlie and life couldn’t get any better, until she finds out he has just committed suicide. Jen rebels in everyway, trying to cope with what has just happened. Jen then meets Ben and as soon as she thinks her life is starting to get back on track, he dies too! At school Jen is soon infamous as the girl whose boyfriends die. Is she a Jinx? No, she IS Jinx!

I thought Jinx was a really intriguing book and faced so many important issues many people go through these days. Although the book is mostly sad and life never seems to be turning right for Jen the book ends on a good note and leaves you with a fairly satisfying ending. The way it was written in verse was good as it helped show you all the different characters emotions in a different way to usual.

I’d recommend this book to teenagers, both girls and boys. It does deal with some heavy issues so just be prepared for what happens in the book if you do read it.

Shannon, Year 10, Canberra, Australia  

Jen, not yet Jinx
Has a mum.
A Down Syndrome sister.
A rat for a dad.
And a step-mum.
Has three friends.
Loves art.
She had two boyfriends.
She saw two funerals.

She is lonely and sad.
Has a stressed out mum.
She is mean, a rebel.
Her step-mum is crazy.
Her sister is scared.
She had a boyfriend.
She had a fight.

Jen, not Jinx
Forgot and Forgave.
Now has a boyfriend.
A loving family.
Loving friends.
She has a dream
And now
She is free.

Jinx is a great book to read. Some things read in the book will make you think, some will make you smile and some will make you cry, but never will it bore you. I loved reading this book and I would recommend any teenager to read it.

Erin, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

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