Candlewick Press

May 2010

$16.95 AU

208p pb

ISBN: 978-0763643782

fp November 2007

Zane's Trace

Allan Wolf

from the book...

Zane Guesswind is running from one death straight toward another - his own. Taking off in a stolen 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, armed with his brother's license, a six-pack of Mountain Dew, a jumbo pack of Sharpies, and a loaded gun in the trunk, he's headed for Zanesville, Ohio - to kill himself at his mother's gravesite. He's got no rearview mirror and no more worries.

But when Zane picks up Libba, a hitch-hiker also on her way to Zanesville, he gets a lot more than a girl who wants the last word in any argument. With each mile marker that he passes, Zane gets further from the life he knows and closer to figuring out who he is. This suspenseful novel is a fast-moving read with a supernatural twist -  and an insightful look at families and how we can only escape them when we accept the way they are.

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Zane’s Trace is a novel in verse written by Allan Wolf. It is about a teenage boy, Zane Guesswinf and his road trip to answers. He is a boy who has a tough life, surrounded by death and mental health issues. He also suffers from fits and blackouts. Zane loves to write on anything and everything with his Sharpie markers, particularly his bedroom walls and the dashboard of his family’s 1969 Barracuda car. Zane has a plan to drive to Zanesville, his namesake town, and shoot himself at the grave of his mother. Much of the story is set during the 334 mile road trip to Zanesville. Along the way he is haunted by ghosts of his past which in turn lead to much understanding about whom he is and where he comes from.

This novel, a mesh of historical accuracy and fiction centres around the notion of family and the importance of lineage. The format in verse gives the reader an immediacy and insight into Zane and his inner thoughts and feelings. This is one for confident readers who enjoy a story meshing historical elements with contemporary issues.

Ben, Canberra, Australia

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