The Bowen Press

May 2011

$9.99 US

476p pb

ISBN: 978-0061583063

fp February 2009

follows Make Lemonade and True Believer

This Full House

Virginia Euwer Wolff

from HarperCollins...

For three years, LaVaughn has struggled to get herself out of the projects and into nursing school. Now she's one step away from her goal of COLLEGE: She's taking a course over the summer to prepare herself for a science degree. To her great shock, she finds out that the beloved female doctor who teaches the class once gave away her own baby. And at the same time, she discovers that her oldest friend, Annie, is pregnant, very much by accident.

LaVaughn has to draw on all she has learned so far - about family, about compassion, about second chances, even about DNA - to reconcile her perception of the world with the world as it is.

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