Amulet Books

March 2007

$6.95 US

268p pb

ISBN: 978-0810992580

fp November 2005

Seeing Emily

Joyce Lee Wong

from the book...

Sixteen-year-old Emily Wu is a good daughter, good student, good artist and good friend. She works hard at school and in the Chinese restaurant she helps her parents run, Bute her life, which once seemed as sweet as the bao zi dumplings she and her mother make together, now feels stifling. Just as her paintings transform a canvas, Emily wants to create a new self.

Then Nick, a sexy transfer student, asks her out. His kisses and the other girls' envious glances give Emily a thrilling, disconcerting new vision of herself, so different from the one she sees in the eyes of her parents and friends. Which Emily is the real Emily?

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