November 2018

$16.99 AU

144p pb

ISBN: 978-1250163875

Finding Baba Yaga: a short novel in verse

Jane Yolen

from Pan Macmillan Australia...

A harsh, controlling father. A quiescent mother. A house that feels like anything but a home. Natasha gathers the strength to leave, and comes upon a little house in the wood: A house that walks about on chicken feet and is inhabited by a fairytale witch. In finding Baba Yaga, Natasha finds her voice, her power, and herself....

A contemporary retelling of an iconic myth about a young woman discovering her voice by a beloved and prolific American storyteller.

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This novel starts off with a foreword which provides the reader with a quick introduction to the Russian fairy-tale witch, Baba Yaga. But this is not the story of Baba Yaga only, it is about a young girl, Natasha who lives in an abusive family. When she can stand no more, she runs away eventually finding a path into the woods which she follows and finally comes to a house. She meets an old woman who lets her stay in exchange for jobs. Then another girl, Vasilisa arrives and the two become friends at first but then a prince arrives…

Written entirely in verse and broken up into chapters this is an easy to read novel with much revealed in brief lines. Yolen has a way with words and only includes the essentials, expertly mixing Russian folklore with modern realism. Outstanding!

Stephen, Canberra

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