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Douglas came to us as a 9 week old pup. I had come home from a show feeling very disappointed after a judge had told me to put one of the bitches I had shown in the back yard and to forget about her. (This was Tyisha and you can read about that incident on her page.) I was disappointed and ready to give up showing but Dawn was adamant I should continue because she knew how much I enjoyed it. She said that rather than give up I should find a better cocker to show. We decided we really wanted a black bitch but after numerous phone calls could only find a male for sale and went to look at him. This was how we met Brian and Audrey Davis of Ayandbe Kennels. After having an pleasant afternoon tea (interview?) with Brian and Audrey they informed us that they would sell the pup to us. When it came time to give him a call name it Dawn said it didn't make much difference what we called him as people would automatically refer to him as 'that black Douglas dog'. With a bit of thought and knowing that Brian liked a good drop of whisky and Black Douglas being a nice drop it was decided that he should be just known as 'Douglas'. Many people have thought it strange that our dog's pet name is the same as our surname but it really came from the whisky and there had also been another well know cocker known as Black Douglas.

Douglas became our first Australian Champion in May 1997 aged 2 years and 4 months on a day when we won both dog and bitch challenges and both Reserve Challenges and Best in the Open Class in the Gundog Group. He was placed third in his class of 10 under Mr O Staunskjaer (Denmark) on our first trip to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, one of the largest shows in Australia, and gained numerous Class In Group awards during his show career. He also won the Best Black Dog trophy at a English Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW specialty show.

Douglas has now retired from the Conformation ring and has proved himself as a sire of numerous litters. We also have some fun in the Obedience ring where we have obtained the first leg towards his CD title. We only trialed once last year but intend getting back into it this year. I was inspired to try obedience with him after reading a comment on one of the e-mail lists dedicated to English Cocker Spaniels along the lines that 'a well balanced cocker has a title at both ends of its name'.

Pedigree of: Aust CH Ayandbe Top Hat

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Sex M Reg No. 1486022
Date of Birth 7th January 1995 Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Owner G C & P D Douglas Breeder B T & Mrs A Davis
Colour & Markings Black Call Name Douglas
Comments bestblackmedal.jpg (15345 bytes) Our first Australian Champion, Douglas is available for stud to approved bitches.

Pictured at the left is the Best Black Dog Medal he won at the February 1996 Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW Specialty Show.

Willowpoint Skychase Aust CH Kavora Bright N Breezy Eng. SH. CH. Broomleaf Bright Memory Eng. SH. CH. Benedict of Broomleaf Bronze Knight of Broomleaf
Olanza Pipestrelle
Eng. SH. CH. Butter Candy of Broomleaf Butterprint of Broomleaf
Bronze Joy of Broomleaf
Kavora Startime Helenwood Haymaker Sonic Sandmark
Helenwood Chrysilla
Kavora Jenny Wren Lochranza Newsprint
Kavora Belinda
Arrunga Aqua Aust CH Sorbrook Candle Glint Sunglint Of Sorbrook Cornbow Manfred
Quettadene Bernadette
Sorbrook Candida Sorbrook Black Friar
Fyne Lady Of Sorbrook
Aust CH Sorbrook Spindrift Eng. SH. CH. Sorbrook Beechnut Janeacre Night Skipper of Helenwood
Sorbrook Sweet Pepper
Sorbrook Flipperty Gibbet Lochranza Quettadene Diplomat
Quettadene Bernadette
Ayandbe Peppermint Scotsman Of Normanview [P02] Lochranza Aladdin [LO3] Eng. SH. CH. Quettadene Emblem Sorbrook Christmas Knight
Quettadene Fascination
Lochranza Song Bird [H06]
Balintore Black Velvet [LO4] Wollowside Texas Gold [K02] Sorbrook Christmas Knight
Willowside Black Gold
Lochdene Bambina [H01] Lochdene Reekielum
Lochdene Huggy Bear
Ayandbe Carbon Copy Aust CH Ayandbe Tar Boy Olanza Prospector Bronze Knight of Broomleaf
Olanza Pipestrelle
Ayandbe Black Bonnet Lochranza Monkspring Mandoline
Ayandbe Summer Sun
Ayandbe Amourette Aust CH Ayandbe Questionnaire Lochranza Question Master
Ayandbe Cornsilk
Iliffe Amour Broomleaf Bronze Traveller
Iliffe Enchante


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