Aust CH Yunbeai Maple Leaf

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Savanah was bred by Mrs Jean Gooding in Perth, Western Australia. We had been introduced to Jean's daughter Gabrielle at the 1996 Cocker National Show in Sydney NSW by Brian and Audrey Davis. We had spoken to Brian and Audrey about our desire to get a solid bred female to go with our solid black boy Douglas (Aust CH. Ayandbe Top Hat) that they had bred. Gabrielle told us her mum was expecting a litter from a Canadian import dog from Eugene Poa's Wittershams Kennels.  We did some checking and decide to place an order for a bitch pup from that litter. Finally at 5 months of age Savannah flew the 4000 kilometres across Australia to join us.

Savannah quickly decided that she is Dawn's dog. She is besides Dawn at all times and even if she is fast asleep besides Dawn's chair, if Dawn moves she is up and following in an instant.

Savanah loved to perform in the show ring, especially if there was a bit of wind about. She moves beautifully and looked a site with her ears flying in the breeze. On the way to her title she won several Best of Breeds (including Bathurst Royal Show 2001), 1st in her class at both Sydney and Melbourne Royal Shows, second in her class at the 1998 Cocker National in Adelaide SA. and Best Gold Bitch at a NSW Cocker Spaniel Society specialty show.

Pedigree of: Aust CH Yunbeai Maple Leaf

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Sex F Reg No. W1652833
Date of Birth 29 Sep 1996 Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Owner G C & P D Douglas Breeder Mrs J Gooding
Colour & Markings Gold Call Name Savannah
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