Grooming Your Cocker

Grooming you cocker need not be the hard task that many people think it is. Whenever we sell a pup we offer the new owner a copy of a video we made to show them how to groom their cocker. Many have later commented to us that they have been able to learn to groom their cocker themselves and some have become very proficient. We have seen some of these "home groomed" cockers that have looked good enough to go into the show ring without much extra work being required on their coats. Of course if you don't want to groom your cocker yourself you can alway make use of a Grooming Parlour, but be sure to find one who knows how to do a cocker properly. Many grooming parlours will just use clippers to get the coat off quickly and this is not only unnecessary but can also cause more problems with the coat.

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Avoiding knots and matts.

We regularly get cockers bought to us to be groomed and the differences in how they are cared for is amazing at times. Occasionally we get one that is so badly matted that there is no option but to cut the entire coat off with the clippers. However most just require a good brush and comb out to get rid of the knots and matts. Some don't even have any matts or knots.

If you can spend about ten minutes a day or maybe a 1/2 hour a week brushing and combing you cocker then you should not have any problem with matts or knots. You will need to use a comb as well as a brush. This is because the brush will not get down to the skin depth and matts will form there even though the surface of the coat will look OK. Always brush and comb in the direction that the coat naturally lies.

This photo is Samson, a pup we sold to a couple who happen to really like to leave his coat long all over. The day this photo was taken we could not find a single matt or knot in his coat. His owners said they just comb and brush him five to ten minutes a day and he is regularly bathed to keep the coat clean as he is a house dog.

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The Pet Clip

We believe a cocker should look like a cocker irrespective of whether it is a pet or a show dog. For that reason we hate to see cocker clipped off completely. The pet clip is simply a shorter version of a show clip which makes it easier for the pet owner to maintain the coat.

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