Grooming Examples

The photos below show one of our first cockers,  Zoe (Erracht Rustic Rose). She had been groomed for us by a professional groomer who was teaching us to groom when we first started showing our Cockers. We took these photos as a reference for us.

groom_ears_neck.jpg (12218 bytes) Head, Neck and Ears.

The neck and inside the ears should be cut short. Keeping the hair inside the ears short as shown helps prevent ear problems. Air is able to circulate in and around the ear better. This keeps the ear dryer and helps prevent some of the ear problems many people will tell you cockers are sucseptible to. We do the inside of the ears with clippers and the neck with thinning scissors.

groom_throat.jpg (11097 bytes) Throat.

The underside of the muzzle and the throat is clippered in a "V" shape down to the top of the breast bone

groom_shoulder.jpg (11713 bytes) Shoulder and Front Leg.

The shoulder is trimmed with the thinning scissors to show of the shape of the shoulder, leading into the front of the leg which is either clippered or cut short with the thinning scissirs. The feathering on the back of the leg is left long.

groom_rear_leg.jpg (9563 bytes) Hind Leg.

The hind legs are again cut with the thinning scissors. The hair on the side of the leg is short and the feathering left long or sometimes trimmed as shown to leave a nice tidy edge.

groom_feet.jpg (9641 bytes) Feet.

The feet are trimmed with normal scissors. Under the foot the hair is trimmed to be level with the pads - never between the pads. AFter trimmimng under the foot trim around the edge from the top  to leave he foot looking neat and tidy. The standard states "cat like". A show dogs foot would probably be trimmed with normal scissors around teh edge and thinning scissors on the top.

groom_rear.jpg (10320 bytes) Back End.

Under the tail should be trimmed to be neat and tidy. This is to prevent any problems with the hair becoming messy when the dog relieves itself. The hair on the hocks can aslo be trimmed short which keeps the feet and leg cleaner in wet weather.

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