The Woy Woy Files
A collection of articles by the owner of this site , a look at some of the more obscure and
untold tales of the Woy Woy Peninsula and surrounds.
Please not that all information is checked to be accurate from existing sources available , there may be some small misinterpretations by the author.
Feel free to email me or comment on the Forums with any information you have in regard to my articles , these are ongoing projects that are occasionally updated as better information becomes available.

The Kariong Heiroglyphs
The mysterious carvings in the bush at Kariong - who did them ?

Bungaree and the Broken Bay Tribes
The little known history of the local Aboriginal people

The Lost Railway
An article about the Basalt Quarries Ltd railway at South Woy Woy

Woy Woy Military Airfield WW2
The secretive military airfield constructed during WW2 at Blackwall

Tuggerah Military Airfield WW2
The "sister" airfield to Woy Woy during WW2

Rock Davis Shipbuilder of Blackwall
An insight into the shipyards at Blackwall in the 1800's

Spike Milligan
A local icon and international celebrity and his connection to Woy Woy

Short Tales
Shark attacks , Narara 83/84 , skeletons and more

Wacky Tales
UFO's , pyramids , tigers - who said Woy Woy was boring !

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