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Layout Description and History    

Layout at a glance.

Name:                       The Sapphire Coast Line and Bombala Branch.
Gauge/Scale:            16.5mm HO/ 3.5mm = 1foot.(1:87).
Size of layout:          5.5 metres x 2 metres.
Prototype:                New South Wales Railways.
Location:                  The Sapphire Coast, Far South Coast- NSW - Australia.
Period:                      1960's steam to diesel era.
Layout height:          1.2 metres.
Track:                       Flex-track Code 100.
Min. radius:               70cm.
Control:                    Block, with momentum walk around hand controller.


G'Day from down under......

Through these pages I would like to share with you my Modelling Journey on the New South Wales Railway's (NSWR) Sapphire Coast Line and the connecting Bombala Branch, set in the 1960's steam to diesel era. 

The railway is moulded into the scenery of the Sapphire Coast, located on the far South Coast of New South Wales, on Australia's East Coast.

The Sapphire Coast Line does not necessarily represent a real railway that ever existed, but instead provides the viewer with the needed ingredients to transport them to an imaginary railway line that could have existed.

The fact is the line was never built, although several surveys were indeed made. Henry Parkes, the 'Father of Federation', stood on the balcony of the Occidental Hotel in Bega, (now the Grand Hotel), and promised people living in the Bega Valley that a railway line would be built connecting Bombala, down the escarpment to Bega, then onto Eden.

The only access to the coast was through a gap in the mountain range at Wolumla. The Railway Hotel was built at Wolumla in anticipation of the railway passing through the town, today; the hotel still survives. The politician's promises were to no avail as the cost was more than the government could find. As a compromise, Bega was allotted land to the north, at Springvale, for a Lunatic Asylum! This never eventuated and remnants of the land are still known as the Loony Paddock by old-timers.

Modelling develops lots of skills for ones dexterity. Surely I am just playing trains, what skills   are they you ask? Skills like mechanical engineering and design, carpentry, electrics and artistry, the list goes on. All the models just come out of boxes ready to run. No! There are some modified kits, but the majority are scratch built. 

The Photo Galleries are divided into three locations on the layout; i.e. Bega and surrounds, Greigs Flat and Bombala. There is also a  Rolling Stock Gallery and in addition a  NSWR Prototype Gallery of activities around the NSW railway system recorded during the mid 1950's to 1972.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.
M a x R u s s e l l

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A note about the photographs.

The photographs displayed on these pages have been taken with a Canon Powershot Digital Camera. The NSWR Prototype Gallery are photographs from my collection between 1957 and 197. They were taken on a 35mm Voigtlander camera with coloured slide film, then converted to digital images for this website. 

All photographs on this website are Copyright. You may use these photographs only for your personal use.

These WEB Pages you are viewing were designed by Max and Lois Russell. 

What's New.

January 2006.....  New Photographs added to all Model Galleries.


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Layout Description and History 


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