Military Police Badges, Armbands, Items

The following items are "specific to Military Police" and were worn or used by the Australian Military Police from 1900 to present day.

Researched by Antony Buckingham, MP History Website

Metal shoulder titles "ANZAC Provost Corps" authorised for use on 23 February 1917 (AIF Orders 496 of 1917). This shoulder title was the first badge approved for recognition of the Australian Military Police Corps.


Metal shoulder titles "Australian Provost Corps" authorised for use on 5 February 1918 (AIF Order 1098 of 1918). To replace ANZAC Provost Corps title.




Armband of the Military Police (Provost Corps) in WW1 and to the 1920s. Worn on the right arm just above the elbow and below the rank stripes



Metal shoulder titles "Provost Staff" of the 1930s until WW2. Worn on the epaulettes of both shoulders.



Armband of the Military Police (Australian Army Provost Corps) WW2 until 1970s. Worn on the left arm during WW2 above the elbow. Rank was worn on the right arm only. About 1950, the armband changed to the right arm and rank was worn on both shoulders.




Metal badge of the Royal Australian Army Provost Corps (RAA PRO). Approved in 1948 for hat and collar badges. (Still in use today) 




Shoulder titles "embroidered" for RAA PRO. Approved in 1948 for wear at the top of the sleeves on both arms, in most orders of dress & including greatcoats. There were 2 types approved - the first being in 1948 until 1960 with a border around the writing, and second being in 1962 until 1974 without a border around the writing as per example above.



Shoulder titles (Aluminium) were introduced to all Corps of the Australian Army in 1960 as part of a uniform change for the Army and the RAA PRO wore the shoulder title above when in "poly" uniform - summer or winter. It was withdrawn from use on change of name to RACMP in 1974.



Metal/Plastic badge of the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police (RACMP). Approved in 1973 for hat and collar badges. (Still in use today) 


 Minute regarding the change of Corps Titles and Shoulder patch

This minute was issued on 25 October 1974 from the Chief Instructor, MAJ K.G. Petersen, of the MP School, Ingleburn NSW


Reference: A. HQ TRG Comd Pers P6/10802 of 240524z

  1. The change of Corps Title - Royal Australian Army provost Corps to 'Royal Australian Corps of Military Police'.
  2. HM The Queen granted prefix Royal to Corps under it,s new title on 4 Sep 74.
  3. New Title will be officially adopted when necessary amendment to AMR has been made.
  4. Pending official notification, following action is to be taken:
  1. Metal shoulder titles 'Provost' are not be worn with summer dress. New Titles 'MP' will be worn when issued.
  2. Cloth shoulder titles are to be removed from battledress. New cloth titles will be worn when issued.
  3. No change to Corps badge or lapel badge.

5. This instruction is to be implemented wef 0730 hrs 28 Oct 74.

Shoulder titles "embroidered" for RACMP. Approved in 1974 for wear at the top of the sleeves on both arms, in most orders of dress & including greatcoats. This was withdrawn from service about 1995/96 with the change of uniform styles for the Australian Army.



Armband of the Military Police (RACMP)1973 until 1990s. Worn on the right arm just above the elbow below rank stripes. Rank was worn on both arms.



Metal shoulder titles "MP" current issue, worn with various uniforms in the barracks environment from 1974 to current




Current Corps lanyard of the RACMP, worn on various dress uniforms in barracks environment from the mid 1990s to present day


Military Police "tac sign". This sign is used on all Military Police vehicles of the Field Force or now Land Command and the number "79" denotes Military Police Corps. This sign is for barracks environment; in the field the sign would be a black 79 over a green background. The 79 tac sign has been used since the first days of numbering different Corps on vehicles within the Australian Army to denote MP.


 Current brassard worn by CPL's of the Australian Military Police. Note that with OR ranks the relevant rank patch is sewn on above the red MP. Worn with field dress or "cams" only on the right arm.




Current brassard for MP Officers. The rank is not worn on the brassard as Officers wear their rank on "slides" on the epaulettes of the camouflage shirt. Worn with field dress or "cams" only on the right arm.


1st Military Police Battalion colour patch. Introduced in January 2000 with the raising of the 1st Military Police Battalion, and worn by all members posted to the Battalion. Worn on the right hand side of the puggaree of the Hat Khaki Fur Felt (Hat KFF) or 'slouch hat'.


MP Badges & Uniform Items that were never issued or approved for use

1915 Hat & Shoulder Badges

Reference: Australian Archives Victoria, File Number E44/1/135

Draft Military Order dated 12.11.1915 by the Secretary of the Military Board stated that the following special badges for Military Police have been adopted and will be taken into use forthwith:

Badge, Hat and Cap

White band with red stripe in centre. Letters MP in blue cloth on front

Badge Shoulder

Red shoulder straps with letters MP on white cloth

2. A supply of above badges has been ordered from the Commonwealth Clothing Fcatory.

The above badges were canceled by the Minister, date unknown and were never produced or brought into use.


MP Badges 1914 -1916

Reference: Keith Glyde, Author of Badges & Colour Patches of AMF 1915 - 1951

From 1914 to 1916 the Australian Military Police wore MP titles on the front of the slouch hat. There were two variations, one by Stokes of Melbourne which was a very "fine" product, and another more "chunky" type letters made by Thomas Brown & Sons of Queensland in October 1915. The original authority is 'Orders for Australian Imperial Force' published in 1914 and 1915 and progressively amended throughout the war.

AIF Order No. 10, Para 44 of 5 September 1914 does not mention the title but refers to Corps letters an numerals and the position they were to be worn on Officers collars. Other ranks wore them on the epaulette immediately above the Australia title. Their use was canceled in Australia by MO673 of 1915 of 9 November 1915 which amended 'Orders for AIF' and in Egypt by AIF Order 118 of 25 March 1916. 'Orders for AIF' in 1915 does not mention an MP armband.