The Australian Military Police BCOF Japan

British Commonwealth Occupation Force Japan (BCOF)

With the capitulation of Japan the Australian Government agreed to contribute troops for service in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF). The BCOF troops were policed by members of the Australian Army Military Police (Australian Army Provost Corps) along with MP of other Commonwealth Armies. In 1946 the 34th Australian Infantry Brigade Group was dispatched for service with BCOF. In February of that year the 34th Australian Infantry Brigade Group Provost Company was raised (about 150 all ranks). This unit, although it changed names throughout it's time with BCOF was to serve until the Occupation ceased including the Korean War.

Story of MP Service in BCOF Japan

Brief history of BCOF (Courtesy BCOF Association of Australia)

Badges & Medals issued for BCOF