Neonatal Journal Abstracts
Collated by Ian Callander
Staff Neonatologist
Liverpool Hospital
NSW, Australia (Sydney)

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Neonatal medical trainees and nursing staff - consider Sydney Australia as a short or long term destination choice. Help can be given with registration and immigration issues – email me if you are interested and I will direct you as appropriate.

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November 2006 * View with frames or without    71k
October 2006 * View with frames or without    84k
September 2006 View with frames or without    145k
Grouped    2006 (Oct-Dec)     
(Jul-Sep)     241k
(Apr-Jun)     415k
(Jan-Mar)     399k
Grouped    2005 (Oct-Dec)     237k
(Jul-Sep)     301k
(Apr-Jun)     267k
(Jan-Mar)     374k
Grouped    2004 (Oct-Dec)     812k
(Jul-Sep)     402k
(Apr-Jun)     207k
(Jan-Mar)     212k
Grouped     2003 (Oct-Dec)     193k
(Jul-Sep)     169k
(Apr-Jun)     162k
(Jan-Mar)     232k
Grouped     2002 (Oct-Dec)     135k
(Jul-Sep)     169k
(Apr-Jun)     203k
(Jan-Mar)     147k
Grouped     2001 (Oct-Dec)     205k
(Jul-Sep)     265k
(Apr-Jun)     278k
(Jan-Mar)     207k
Grouped     2000 (Oct-Dec)     182k
(Jul-Sep)     182k
(Apr-Jun)     228k
(Jan-Mar)     136k
Grouped     1999 (Oct-Dec)     188k
(Jul-Sep)     161k
(Apr-Jun)     162k
(Jan-Mar)     120k
Grouped     1998 (Oct-Dec)     154k
(Jul-Sep)     203k
(Apr-Jun)     208k
(Jan-Mar)     65k
Grouped     1997 (Aug-Dec)     213k