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the stars

Erin Klein - Host

Erin has worked internationally in theatre, film and television since graduating from the Centre for the Performing Arts in Adelaide. His television credits include 'Something in the Air', 'MDA' and 'Stingers'. He most recently performed in La mama's 'Love and Madness in the LMP unit' and the feature film 'Safe House'.

Erin’s keen interest in beer, wisdom and rent paying led him to become a pub trivia host for several years. The next logical step was to become a game show host. Erin leapt at the chance to host Hot Dog with the Lot and the world has been a better place ever since.


Tuffy - Chef Extraordinaire

Born onto the first of the Twelve Apostles to collapse, Tuffy eventually made his way to the main land by fashioning a raft out of seagulls and twine. He spent his first 15 years existing as a hunter gather along the great ocean road with a diet consisting of mainly bogan’s and surfers.


Teenage curiosity and lust for V8s lead him to the big smoke (Geelong). Here he attempted to assimilate into society by perusing the following interests: tinker, DJ, fitter and turner, actor, landscape gardener, mime artist and Merv Hughes impersonator. During a bucks night at the casino in 2001 Tuffy was struck by a stray bolt of lightning which partially cured his Tourette’s syndrome and imbued him with super human barbequing powers. Swearing less and cooking more he went on a whirl wind tour of the globe preparing his sausage for everyone from President Vladimir Putin to the inmates at Guantanamo Bay. This amazing turn of events lead to the role of super chef on Hot Dog With the Lot where Tuffy has truly cemented his place as the greatest BBQ front man that ever lived.



Jonathon Welsby - Presenter
Having performed mainly on Boeing 747’s, Jonathan 
Welsby came to the show with a wealth of aeronautical 
engineering experience.  Since breaking  his back in 2001, 
he began concentrating more on pantomimes and less on 
extreme sports, culminating in his role as inside host 
‘extraordinaire’ on Hot Dog with the Lot. Jonathan has 
worked previously on a number of  short films and air-
conditioning units.

It is Jonathan’s dream to combine all his skills and 
passions by performing a Grimm Brothers medley aboard 
a well air-conditioned aeroplane at 10,000 feet with his theatre troupe (The Mile High Players).


Tara Sariban - Presenter and Producer
After graduating from RMIT’s Professional Screenwriting course, Tara has written scripts for several animations and interactive media productions, most recently for the Austereo Network.


She also has a background in performance, music video production and script editing. Having spent time in the murky underworld of children’s entertainment Tara is pleased to find herself working with adult language and content – of a sort.






Richard Higgins - Presenter


Since illustrious beginnings of school plays at Parkdale Secondary College, Richard Higgins has been acting, puppeteering, dancing, singing, stage managing, devising and generally ‘showing off’ as his mum puts it. Former partners in crime include Interior Theatre, Kumquat Theatre, Puppetvision, director Lynne Ellis and RMIT Union Theatre


He has recently appeared in "Penny Machinations" (winner of the 2005 Fringe Special Event Award, written & directed by Matt Kelly), "Crave" by Sarah Kane, directed by Jess Murphy, and "Warhol*Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard Through Andy’s Eyes" and, yes, "The Day My Bum Went Psycho" by Andy Griffiths – both directed by Lynne Ellis. But that was all on the stage.  He has lost his small screen virginity to Hot Dog with the Lot, which has been just as seedy as it sounds. Currently Richard is completing a graduate diploma in Creative Arts (Theatre Studies) at Melbourne University but don’t hold that against him.



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