A Naughty Bunny

We saved a bunny from a car park last week.
We shouldn't have bothered.
We don't have the bunny any more.

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The Culprit
The Culprit

Scoping out my computer
Bunny Scoping

One morning, we found that the mouse didn't work.

I checked under the desk to see what was happening.

Damage!  (Quiz: How many loose cable ends can you see in these pictures?)
Damage1 Damage2 Damage3 Damage4

It chewed on my monitor's power cord.
However, it only chewed the neutral wire, more's the pity
Power Cord

It tried to be artistic with the Printer Cable
Pedal Printer2

RCA Cable

Some bunny mess


Now, let that be a lesson to you!

You can have this fun experience too!  The bunny is now for sale at Pets on Broadway.
Please don't tell them about this bunny's dark past.