The Ellison Family History


The other branches of our family that I am researching

The ELLISON's came into our ROTHWELL family with the marriage of Thomas ROTHWELL to Margaret ELLISON at Eccles Parish Church on 5 September 1859.

Margaret was the second daughter of James & Anne ELLISON of Clifton, Lancashire.

Anne ELLISON was born to ........................ and............................... ECKERSLEY, which interestingly enough was also the maiden name of Thomas ROTHWELL's (b. 1839) grandmother Sarah (b. 1773) who married Thomas ROTHWELL (b. 1771) in 1791.





at Eccles Parish Church, Lancashire, UK

on 11 February 1833

Witnesses T Gorse & William Wallwork


Children's Names Born / Baptised Place Married Died / Buried
Elizah abt 1835 Clifton    
MARGARET bpt 1 July 1840 Clifton
Barton 1909

James was on the 1841 census with his family, but not on the 1851 census with Anne and the 2 daughters.


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