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John & Alice Wallwork

formerly of


request the pleasure of your company

on 25 July 1896


Christ Church, Pendlebury

at the Marriage of their daughter



Thomas Rothwell

son of

Thomas & Margaret Rothwell



and thus commenced the union of the
Wallwork and Rothwell families
Prudence Wallwork was born on 6 October 1873 at Shotton Durham
and baptised on 3 May 1874 at Christ Church Pendlebury.
She married on 25 July 1896.
On 22 December 1913, at only 40 years of age, she sadly passed away,
just 8 months before her husband died,
thus leaving their children, including my father in law, as orphans

Prudence was the daughter of JOHN & ALICE WALLWORK

and this is their story



born 1798 Eccles
Parents Joseph & Mary Jackson
at Eccles Parish Church
Name Born Place Marriage Died
WILLIAM b 17 February 1822 Eccles Ann Williams  
JAMES b 5 October 1823 St Peters, Swinton Hannah Sneddon  
bpt. 24 July 1825
Eccles Parish Church Pendlebury
Father's Occ. - Weaver
Wm Keeling - Curate
Martha Harrison




bpt. 6 January 1826


Alice Snape - 1831/2
St Mary's Eccles
(father Richard)


bpt. 1828


bpt. 6 January 1827


b. circa
at St Mary's Eccles Parish Church
16 April 1854


WILLIAM circa 1854 Pendlebury
Dinah Tong
2 January 1879
Christ Church Pendlebury
RICHARD JOHN b. 3 August 1860 Kelloe Durham
Alice Hart
28 May 1885
Christ Ch. Pendlebury
Witnesses - Susannah Maria Wallwork & Moses Eckersley.
Children - Ethel &
Lily (B 1894)
Died in 1940 at 79 years of age.


bpt. 3 November 1865
Kelloe Durham




circa 1870
Kelloe Durham
Harry Tonge
2 December 1888
Christ Church Pendlebury
28 January 1914
41 Wellington Rd Swinton
Burial - Christ Church Pendlebury
b. 6 October 1873
bpt. 3 May 1874
Shotton Durham
Thomas Rothwell
25 July 1896
Christ Church Pendlebury
22 December 1913
20 Rutland St Pendlebury
Burial - Christ Church Pendlebury
At the time of PRUDENCE's marriage to THOMAS ROTHWELL, she was living at 31 Church View, Pendlebury.
There is a record of another child named PRUDENCE, daughter of John & Alice Wallwork, being christened in Kelloe, Durham on 22 January 1867. It is a reasonable assumption that this child died and the 2nd Prudence was born in 1873. This is to be confirmed.

Richard John WALLWORK and Alice HART had 2 daughters, Ethel and Lily (b. 1894). At the time of Lily's birth the family were living at 31 Church View, Pendlebury. Shortly after this time Richard moved his family to Newcastle upon Tyne but unfortunately Alice passed away at the young age of 35 when Lily was just 5 years old.

Richard, at that time, was working as an engine driver at Elswick Works in Newcastle. Ethel helped to raise Lily as she was quite a bit older than her sister and it was possibly because of her devotion to her family that Ethel never married. She worked in various households around London. Lily married and had children and remained in the North East of England.

Richard at some point returned to Lancashire and died there in 1940 at the age of 79.

b. 6 October 1873


b. 15 July 1874
at Christ Church Pendlebury
25 July 1896
Link to ROTHWELL page for
Thomas & Prudence ROTHWELL's Children


Listed below are Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of
members of other WALLWORK families from the districts of Worsley, Swinton, Pendlebury & Clifton.
Taken from the records of the Eccles Parish Church and St Peter's Chapel, Swinton


BAPTISMS 1820 - 1828

Baptism Date Name Parents Abode Father's Occ
3 May 1821 MARY daughter of James & Ellen WALLWORK Worsley Labourer
10 June 1821 ANNE bastard daughter of Alice WALWORK Pendleton  
8 July 1821 MARY daughter of William & Martha WALLWORK Worsley Warper
15 July 1821 WILLIAM son of John & Margaret WALWORK Clifton Weaver
22 July 1821 ELIZABETH daugher of John & Mary WALWORK Pendleton Labourer
7 October 1821 GILES son of William & Anne WALWORK Clifton Farmer
27 February 1825 PETER son of Peter & Ellen WALLWORK Pendleton Weaver
10 April 1825 THOMAS son of William & Anne WALLWORK Clifton Shopkeeper
22 May 1825 MARTHA daughter of James & Mary WALLWORK Pendlebury Labourer
24 July 1825 JOSEPH son of John & Martha WALLWORK Pendlebury Weaver
8 January 1826 SARAH daughter of James & Jane WALLWORK Swinton Weaver
9 April 1826 MARTHA daughter of Thomas & Eliza WALLWORK Pendlebury Weaver
27 August 1826 JOHN son of William & Ann WALLWORK Pendlebury Weaver
5 November 1826 ROBERT son of James & Ellen WALLWORK Pendlebury Weaver
26 August 1827 WILLIAM bastard son of Betty WALLWORK Worsley  
25 November 1827 ANNE daughter of James & Mary WALLWORK Pendlebury Labourer
2 March 1828 THOMAS bastard son of Mary WALLWORK Clifton  
31 August 1828 JOHN son of William & Anne WALLWORK Pendlebury Weaver
16 November 1828 WILLIAM son of William & Anne WALLWORK Clifton Farmer

MARRIAGES 1820 - 1828

Marriage Date Wife's Name Husband's Name Witness  
27 March 1821 Mary POTTER Nathan WALLWORK James Grimshaw  
16 July 1821 Anne BECKETT John WALLWORK    
28 August 1827 Anne WALLWORK Sam MOLINEUX William Molineux  
28 May 1828 Mary WALLWORK William SEDDON Thomas Dennett  
16 November 1828 Elizabeth Johnson WIlliam WALLWORK John Cheadle  

BURIALS 1820 -1828

Burial Date Name Parent or Spouse Abode Age at death
20 January 1820 SUSANNAH WALLWORK Worsley 46 years
17 February 1820 REBECCA wife of Nathan WALLWORK Clifton 42 years
27 February 1820 RICHARD WALLWORK Pendleton 68 years
28 March 1820 RICHARD son of James WALLWORK Clifton 1 yr 4 mths
19 June 1920 REBECCA WALLWORK Clifton 27 years
1 October 1820 ELIZABETH wife of Richard WALLWORK Pendleton 65 years
24 October 1820 MARTHA WALLWORK Clifton 2 years
24 December 1820 WILLIAM WALLWORK Pendleton 1 week
30 October 1825 MARTHA daughter of John WALLWORK   2 months
8 May 1827 ELLEN WALLWORK Clifton 78 years
22 May 1827 JOHN son of William WALLWORK Pendlebury 10 months
21 February 1826 NATHAN WALLWORK Clifton 48 years
1 April 1826 MARGARET wife of John WALLWORK Clifton 42 years
25 April 1826 ELLEN daughter of James WALLWORK Clifton 13 years


BAPTISMS 1820 - 1828

Baptism Date Name Parents Abode Father's Occ
23 March 1821 PETER son of John & Phoebe WALLWORK Clifton Farmer
30 May 1824 JOHNATHON son of John & Phoebe WALLWORK Clifton Farmer
30 November 1825 SARAH daughter of James & Jane WALLWORK Pendleton Weaver
18 February 1826 THOMAS son of John & Phoebe WALWORK (as per records) Clifton Farmer
22 August 1826 MARTHA daughter of William & Mary WALWORK (as per records) Clifton Labourer
26 December 1827 THOMAS son of Mary WALWORK Clifton Weaver

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