On The Road

In a "Little Robin Mini"  Caravan


We bought ourselves the smallest caravan we could find, small enough for our 1600cc automatic

Toyota Corolla  to tow, which it did quite happily.  We replaced the Corolla with a Subaru Forester

for legal reasons (the ball weight was too high) and now with a 2 litre Subaru XV. 


Here are a few pictures of the outfit.

A photo of the new rig 

The setup with the new XV Subaru   



 The Original Outfit      Tough Life Wot?       "Le Boudoir"           Onsite 1770           


We bought the model with a double bed at the front rather than two singles down either side, it

gives you heaps more bench and cupboard space.  As a concept, a small, light caravan is great.

It handles well on the road, it is comfortable to stay in and it certainly beats packing up a wet tent!


Overall we love it!


One early trip we did was a three week  5,500km trip to Queensland  it was a real eye opener but fun.

 In May 2006 we did the most wonderful trip into Lake Mungo and again in October 2012

Why a Caravan?

Things to Check when Buying a Caravan

Cardboard Fuel Consumption Calculator you can make

Some Technical Info on Weight Distribution, Tyres etc

A Great Hot Drink for On the RoadCoffee Mix Recipe

The Van is a "Little Robin Mini" from "Driftaway Caravans" who now are MG Campers.


We would love to hear from other Little Robin Mini owners about their experiences.

Contact details:  sdavo@yahoo.com