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Fuel Consumption Calculator


Remember the old cardboard fuel consumption calculators?

I discovered one in my fathers effects and found it quite useful so I have dismantled it and scanned it so everyone can have the frustration (and pleasure) of making their own!


           This is a completed one that was printed on our bubblejet printer



There are the two parts to the calculator.  Right click on each one and select "Save Target" to somewhere on your hard disk.

When you go to print them, print them at 100% (actual size) otherwise print them both at 177mm high, just make sure you have "Lock Aspect Ratio" selected.

177mm is the width of the final product.  Each image was scanned at 200dpi. 

Make sure you print it on card stock otherwise it will be too floppy.



Main Body                                            Slide      


        1:     Trim off the excess paper on both sheets but don't cut out the windows yet.

        2:    Start with folding the "Main Body", there are two folds which you can identify from the printed creases. 

        3:    Once folded, run along the folds with a spoon to thoroughly flatten them. 

        4:    Open out again and then cut out all the black rectangles which are the windows, cut out the crescents as well.

        5:    Refold and glue the tongue under the top edge.

        6:    On the "Slide", DO NOT cut out the black crescents, just fold in half (vertically as viewed above) and glue.  Trim so that it fits inside the main body.

        7:    It's a good idea to leave both bits separate under a couple of heavy books overnight to make sure they stay flat.  Protect the books with a bit of clean A4.


That's all there is to it.  Have Fun!

Let me know if the instructions are not clear enough.

Also, if anyone has a better one they would like to donate/make available please let me know, I will dismantle it, scan it in and make it available to all.


Here is a contributed PDF copy of the site if you have trouble with firewalls and images, my thanks to Bob S. for that.


For those that are interested in real slide rule memorabilia try:

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Andy Kinsman's Cardboard Slide Rule you can make.  
I suggest when cutting out the slider to trim about 0.5mm inside the lower edge and cut about 6mm outside the top edge
otherwise it is way too sloppy in the sleeve.



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