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We are a small, semi-rural parish located on the north-western outskirts of the City of Brisbane in Australia. (We are only twenty minutes' drive from Caboolture.) We are part of the Diocese of Brisbane. Our minister is the Rev'd Jeanette Jamieson.

Our Church services adhere to the liturgy as published in A Prayer Book for Australia. We complement our traditional liturgical approach with a contemporary, socially-relevant theological outlook. We uphold, in balance, the three pillars of Anglicanism, namely scripture, tradition and reason. (To learn more about the Anglican approach to Christianity, we encourage you to explore the resources listed here.)

Like all Anglican parishes, our chief aims in coming together are to worship God and to commemorate His Son's death and resurrection. We celebrate the Lord's Supper in remembrance of Jesus' death. The bread and wine are metaphors that symbolise his broken body and the blood he shed in his death upon the cross.

Our congregation comes from a variety of backgrounds. We are mainly mainstream Anglicans ("low church" or "broad church") but our community also consists of some Anglo-Catholics ("high church" Anglicans.) We are also very pleased to have a number of people from the local Lutheran community worship with us. All are equally welcome and valued.

Our Church buildings, Saint Mary's, Kilcoy and Saint Matthias', Woodford, are both located in quiet country surroundings, making them ideal for those seeking a space for reflection and communion with God. Our parish has a strong contemplative focus and we run activities such as Taizé services and "quiet days" reflecting this.

Parishioners are involved in a wide range of activities, both in the local community and in the worldwide Anglican communion. Some focus particularly on living out Christ's social justice message (as reflected in the Sermon on the Mount) in a global context, whilst others work to provide pastoral care to the needy in our immediate community. To find out more about what we do, click here.

We have a consistent pro-life focus and oppose war, the military, the death penalty, abortion and euthanasia. We endeavour to follow Christ's non-violent teachings and example. As the early church father Tertullian noted,

"The Lord, in disarming Peter, henceforth disarms every soldier."

Every year, we hold two special services at the beginning and end of the Week of Prayer for World Peace to reflect our pacifist ethos. Some church members work actively for peace in the larger community. To learn more about Christian pacifism, explore these writings.

Our Parish has been a co-leader in the ecumenical movement at the "grassroots" level and we signed a pioneering covenant with the local Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting Church communities, an intiative that is now being emulated in other regions. Some of our parishioners have also worked with the local Quaker community in recent times.

The Anglican Communion is an outward-looking Church and we work actively to protect the environment and support the most vulnerable in our community.

We do not over-emphasise the role of scripture nor give it a status beyond that which it deserves. We strive for a balanced, moderate approach, engaged with the modern world. The Anglican Communion is deeply concerned about the destructive and erroneous ideologies of Christian fundamentalism and Creationism that have caused so much damage around the world in recent times. To engage with the Bible in a more positive and constructive way, we gently encourage you to instead explore these writings by a wide variety of mainstream Christian writers.

Our communicants range from young families to the elderly. Everyone is warmly welcomed at our Church, in the spirit of Christ's brotherly love towards all.

If you are new to Anglicanism or a little unsure of what to expect, here is an article explaining what happens in a Church service. It is intended to make you feel more comfortable. Please do not be intimidated by our formal liturgy or fear making mistakes. You will quickly become accustomed to the rituals and may well find that the structure and symbolism help you to deepen your focus. Ultimately, we are all at Church for the same reasons: to worship God and serve one another in love.

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