Double G is Gary and Grace Fulton in Perth Western Australia.

Our involvement in Tenterfield Terriers began with our first purchase of a dog nearly ten years ago. Lynfield Foxfire is a tremendous little dog, with attitude plus. At this time we were not involved with the breeding or showing. Foxfire excelled at the other disciplines, being, obedience, agility, tracking, jumping, also successfully completing the E.T. (Endurance test). As Foxfire CDX. AD JD TD ET  was primarily my dog, it wasn't long before Grace insisted on having one of her own..

So we went off and purchased Avonlea Lucie from Rick & Sue Hall from Beverly, Western Australia.

Rick Hall was the president of the Tenterfield Terrier club of Western Australia (Inc.) at the time.At their first mating Foxfire And Lucie produced three males;- one of those being Double G Flint.

Flint was a very nicely put together dog, with a natural bob tail, who went on to do extremely well at club shows in Western Australia and interstate. By then we were bitten and our involvement with the breed has blossomed.

With selective breeding, and some purchases from over East, we have been able to form a reasonable core of dogs/bitches and have been producing pretty consistent, quality pups for a number of years.

About four years ago we purchased from Mr. Graham Webb from Deniliquin a dog Nutrublu Raddish who has gone on to share the honours with Flint, in winning many shows between them. At recognition of the breed we went back to Mr. Graham Webb to acquire Nutrublue Its A Honey, Nutrublue Flame and Nutrublue Hes A Hoot. Honey went on to be the first Tenterfield Terrier titled in Western Australia, followed by Raddish (Rad) then followed by Double G Cherry Kola (sired by Flint).

Flint (ADX, JD, ET)  Unfortunately we lost Flint to a snake a few years back. Lucie was lost to us at the end of 2007, aged 13 years.

I have been the President of the Tenterfield Terrier Club of W.A. Inc for ten of the past twelve years.  I have also been the President of the National club since 1998.  Grace and I were both agility trainers with the Gosnells Obedience dog club for a number of years.  These days we no longer compete or train in agility, but concentrate our time on breeding and showing our tenterfields.  We have campaigned many through to their Champion titles. Grace and I are both members of the W A Terrier Club of which I am currently President.  Grace produced the club magazine "Terrier Tales" for a few years, and is always available to help out on club days.

We are very proud of the vast improvement of the breed over the last ten years, and must congratulate our fellow breeders, friends and enthusiasts for the fantastic job they have done improving and promoting there wonderful dogs.

Im a qualified Watch repairer by trade, and as I work every day, Grace has most of the responsibility, looking after the dogs on a daily basis, and rearing and socialising our puppies.

We offer our pups for sale from time to time, and we have Stud dogs available to approved bitches.

Our aim is to continue to improve our breeding and supply quality pups of sound temperament to the public.

This is our hobby, and passion, and has never been motivated by money.

We spend more on our dogs/bitches; than we make, and I suspect that will always be the case.

They are fantastic little dogs/bitches, and worthy of our dedication. I know all Tenterfield Terrier owners would agree.


  - Gary Fulton of a team that hopes to excel.


Gary and Grace Fulton





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