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Darryl Wilkes has been at the forefront of surfboard design in Western Australia for 33 years. He uses his team riders as well as loyal customers to design & develop new concepts in surfboard design such as his “Vents”vented dual concave system (left) as well as his new radical deep single concave design.

Single concave

Darryl Wilkes has been refining the design concept of the single concave  for almost ten years. In the last three years, he has radically evolved the single concave bottom shape throughout his entire range of boards. Wilkes’ single concaves are not at all subtle, but are a dramatic contrast to almost all other board designs on the market.

The reason they work( and they work very well), is that they provide extra speed & turning ability by both creating lift and reducing the resistance of the surfboard because there is a huge bubble of air beneath the surfboard. This massive scooped out concave bottom shape gives you plenty of rail to rail turning ability as the rails are heaps sharper than you would normally have on a conventional surfboard, so it works in almost every surfable condition. The board turns better in small waves and also handles bigger surf better as the board never slides out going down a large face due to the sharper rail shape.

Of course whenever a radical change is made to a design in order to improve it’s performance, it inevitably produces a negative as well as a positive. However in the case of these huge concaves, our team riders and satisfied customers have reported no negative feedback, only glowing glazed over expressions on their faces. Darryl has taken years to perfect the subtle balance of the right combination of rocker, to the size, length and depth of  the concave - the results have been simply amazing. The boards are very responsive, they’re fast, don’t bog down in and out of turns and are stable during critical takeoffs. They seem to glide over chop and slop and they don’t bounce in larger surf. Come into the showroom and see for yourself, you can feel the difference.

VCS - Vents

After many years of development and testing , Darryl Wilkes has come up with a new concept in board design. Part channels, part concave he calls them VCS - Vented Concave System or "Vents" for short.

The idea of Vents is basicly to provide extra speed by reducing the resistance of the surfboard through the use of dual concaves (Vents) which in effect flattens the rocker in that area and creates even more speed. Finally a slightly "domed" bottom shape gives you plenty of rail to rail turning ability in order to make use of the speed generated by the Vents.

Vents are ideal for small size waves and beachbreaks in particular, where you need to get more speed to make that quick takeoff or unmake-able section in front of you. They are especially suited to Wilkes' range of 3 inch thick "Pyg" boards as the combination of the Pyg's flotation and the vents speed, provides unrivalled paddling power, speed and loose turning ability.

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Here are some of the custom board designs that we have made on request for our clients. Click below to see more.

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With over thirty years in the surf industry he has seen numerous design trends come and go, from the original fish boards and the chunky single fins of the seventies to the modern day thruster still being refined today. Wilkes has now extended his range of Leading Edge designs to include not only shortboards but big wave guns, small wave fish style "Pygs" as well as the increasingly popular mini Malibus.