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Darryl Wilkes has now extended his range of Leading Edge surfboard designs to include not only shortboards but big wave guns , small wave fish style "Pygs" as well as mini Malibus.

The Range

In his many years in the local surf industry Wilksy has seen numerous design trends come and go, one constant still remains however and thats the classic design of the high performance shortboard that only years of practice shaping them can achieve.

price : $ 650 - fibreglass

$850 - Epoxy EPS



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Here are some of the custom board designs that we have made on request for our clients. Click below to see more.

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These fish style "Pygs" which are attracting a lot of attention from your average recreational surfer, come with nice rounded tails , are 20 inches wide and 3 inches thick. Faster and more responsive than a normal fish style board, they range from 6"2 up to 6"8 and deliver unrivalled paddling power, speed and loose turning ability , especially with the optional VCS - Vented Concave System. Above all they are a lot of fun in small beachbreaks and a much better option than a mini mal for the average surfer.

price : $ 650 - fibreglass

$850 - Epoxy EPS


The Pyg


Darryl Wilkes has been surfing and shaping surfboards for the big , powerful waves down south and up north for thirty years. It's this wealth of experience which he has behind him that he draws on when shaping these big boards which range from 6"10 to 7"10 , to handle the grunt that we have here in the west.

price : $ 650 - fibreglass

$850 - Epoxy EPS


The Gun

The mini mal

Darryl Wilkes has recently expanded into the popular Malibu
market with his range of mini mals from 7"6 up to 8 foot. These boards differ from normal mini mals in that they are designed for speed and quick turns rather than for simply cruising along.

price : $ 850 - fibreglass