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B r i n g   I t   O n

Routine by Pearl-o
So I decided to check out some of this Bring It On girl-slash. How crazy was it that the first story I lay eyes upon turns out to be a
clever little tale of sexuality and gender and all those weird things in between. It's a subtle story with a subtle ending that makes you
think. Definitely my kind of writing.

B u f f y   a n d   A n g e l

Ein Sof (Endless) by Kate Bolin
Beautiful mythological explanation for Dawn.

Human by insomnitic
Beautiful meditation on what it means to be human, by the Slayerette who knows best.

Equation by Elizabeth
Lindsey seeks his place in Angel's little "family." Just stunning. Implied slash.

Traded by Scynneh
I'm always at a loss to describe Scynneh's style - but it's so captivating. Here she delves into the Buffy/Spike relationship looking at it and all the ways it could be, might be, perhaps is. This is Buffy through distorted mirrors. Dreamlike and powerful.

"You, Me and Shania Twain" by Hostile Seventeen
Written in the form of a dead letter from Faith to Buffy, with a wonderful Faith voice. The odd narrative technique gives this short piece an interesting and refreshing sense of rhythm.

Runaway Trains at 3 A.M by Christina Kamnikar
This is an utterly charming Buffy/Smallville cross-over, where teenage runaways Dawn and Clark meet and bond in a bus-station in Nowheresville, USA, in an innocent quiksilver friendship. The story brims with sparkling dialog and genuine warmth for this pair of otherwordly misfits. A joy to read.  Its sequel, "Lines of Communication" is just as lovely.

Glorified Sea Monkey by Twinkledru J
Buffy talks to God, via Alan Rickman.  Something of a Dogma crossover.

Willpower by Flywoman
A beautiful fic that goes where the show didn't regarding Willow's addiction.

-Plex by Spyke Raven
Wishverse fic.  Partially about Riley, partially about others.  Angst, slash and a very dark place in general.

Warmth by Te
Willow and Xander in the aftermath of "Two to Go/Grave." It's Xander and Willow as we know and love them best. Just a little... sadder and more mature.

Displaced by Jennifer Oksana
Jenny O turns out such consistently good work so it's often difficult to distinguish one of her stories above the others. I chose to do so
with this one because I've seen a thousand dreams sequences and very few of them work. This one does. And perhaps the only way to really understand the Wesley/ Fred/ Gunn love triangle is in a dream. It's irresistible.

Truly, and Forever by Melymbrosia
This story is an unsettling combination of love, obsession, and devotion, with a sucker punch for an ending.  Melymbrosia doesn't
write nearly enough, so once you're done shivering go and encourage her with feedback.

Incursion by Rachel Anton
Rachel Anton decides Willow and Spike should sit down and play poker together. She's right, they should. I love this for the extraordinary character insight and the cutting dialogue. It's class all the way through.

(sex) on a beach, with sharks by Not Jenny
No doubt inspired by a grand tradition of dark angst writers who are out to fuck me up for life, Not Jenny brings the Faith/Buffy pairing
to an intensity that we all know is possibly but we're sometimes not willing to acknowledge. Short and very, very pointed.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Mazatlan by Christina Kamnikar
A remarkably clear-eyed post-"Grave" Jonathan vignette, steeped in regret and quiet desperation. Just lovely.  One of those stories that make me go, "As far as I am concerned, this story is canon."

Hoop Screams by Yahtzee
The Fang Gang meets the Lakers. You'll laugh, you'll cry (from laughing too hard), and then you'll snark some more until you burst an internal organ or two. It'll be worth it, because this is going to be the funniest damn thing you'll have read all year.

Maternity by Melymbrosia
You know, sometimes, less IS more. This Darla-vignette set during "Lullaby", for example. Go read it to see how a story can rip your heart out in less than 300 words.

B a b y l o n   5

All Love is Unrequited by Sabine
From love to devotion to alcohol to everything in between, Sabine never forgets that Lennier views things through an alien screen.  I'm particulary fond of her Marcus.

C r o s s o v e r s

Them Mean Ol', Low-Down Lando Calrissian Blues by Yahtzee
Absolutely hilarious WW/XF/SV/Angel crossover that must be read to be believed.

Donna, the Vampire Slayer, by Nomad
A witty cross-over between "The West Wing" and "Buffy the Vamprie Slayer" with dead-on Sorkinesque Donna and Josh voices. Tremendous fun.

Touch by Seema
A Voyager/TNG crossover with Janeway/Picard.  An intriguing post-Endgame story, with captain/captain sex.  Canít go wrong.

Unless You're Us by Editrix
Buffy and Spock attend a self-help group for the formerly-deceased.  With deadpan humour, lovely dialogue and an oddly familiar group guru...

No Fury by FayJay
Victoria Hardwick meets a woman in a bar. Wishing ensues.  Smallville/Buffy

The Language that God Speaks by Liz Barr
A wonderful little Harry Potter/Sandman crossover that runs with Terry Pratchett's idea that "all libraries are one library," with great characterization of all parties, and a Hermione I really, really like.

Fairy Wings by Ellen M.
There really is something about challenges that brings out the most extraordinary writing. Ellen M. takes Reyes and Amy and brings them together in a way that is fantastic - in the truest sense of the word. The writing is lovely and Reyes is perfect.

Impress by Kelly Chambliss
This is a Janeway slash story written from the point of view of DS9's Kai Winn. I love the way Kelly captured Winn's insanity, this steadfast belief that everything she did was the will of the prophets. The story is so convincing - it made me think about a character I'd long forgotten. And Kelly's writing is always a treat.

D a r k   A n g e l

If Scheherezade by Pooh_Bah
Have you ever encountered on of those fics that takes a one-off character and creates a legend? This is one of those. Here Pooh_Bah takes Ben - the X5 gone mad and leads the reader into his descent. It's a startling interpretation of the x5s and the relationships formed in such circumstances, and it's written in a captivating second person. Be sure to look out for more from this author.

F a r s c a p e

In the Company of Ghosts Part One: The Aerodynamics of Moving Bodies by
Kodiakke Max
This story is the literary equivalent of dropping canon on its head, just to see how a few dents might change everything.  It should be boring and one-dimensional, but it's written with such intensity, technical knowledge, and attention to detail that it quicky establishes itself as the ultimate what if story.  I present to you a broken John Crichton trying to find what he doesn't know he's lost and an Aeryn unlike any we've ever seen. Simply frelling brilliant.

Written on a Thumbnail by Cofax
It takes a brave writer to place the two Johns together, but it takes a great writer to do that and then take it one step farther.  Lucky for us, Cofax is both.  This novella's got it all:  John, Aeryn, Harvey, explosions, humor, Scorpy, torture, and an ending that somehow strikes a balance between all of these opposing elements.

Perspective Immobility by Maayan
I don't think Maayan's written anything that wasn't better than great, and this is no exception.  Her grasp of the nuances of Crichton's voice is obvious in every sentence in this extremely plausible post DWTB fic.

Word/Hard by Makiko
As usual Makiko dances on the furthest edge of characterization, but she does it with such sharpness and intelligence that we can't help
following.  It's an Aeryn we rarely see in fanfic, all hard lines, punches, and alien roots and it's not to be missed.

The Archeology of Memory by Shaye
Interesting spin on the usual DWTB baby scenario here, combining sharp characterization and a lines that make you ache. Shaye also manages to use omnscient POV to the story's advantage, which is a major accomplishment in and of itself.

After Never Too Late by Sunshiner
Yet another post DWTB, only this one has a memorable original character, a very Farscapian plot, and some excellent Harvey bits.  Nice job.

Space Between by KodiakkeMax
Chiana, stripped down to her bone. Raw and beautiful with a prose that bleeds.

H a r r y   P o t t e r

Darkness Dying by Iniga
The events leading up to the deaths of the Potters.  Comedy, angst and grown-up Marauders.  And lightbulb jokes.  Can't go wrong with a good lightbulb joke.

The Darkness and the Light series by R. J. Anderson
Mad Eye Moody's niece arrives at Hogwarts, eventually allying herself with Snape.  Sounds Mary-Suish?  Who cares?  It works because R.J. Anderson has a knack for creating appealing original characters and tempering their interaction with canon characters.

The Squid-Snape-Vorkosigan series by E. H. Smith
A sentient, wish-granting giant squid, Severus Snape, Dennis Creevey and various Vorkosigans, universe swapping and some good old angst.  Bloody excellent.  (The site linked also features a couple of detours into the Darkness and the Light trilogy, and an incredibly funny Lockhart/Trelawney, also highly recommended.) (Link temporarily broken.)

Dreamwalk Blue by Viola
It's 1943.  World War 2 is raging.  The magical community is attempting to deal.  And, even when he's madly in love, Tom Riddle is a twisted little bugger.  A WIP, begun before J.K. Rowling established Dumbledore and McGonagall's ages, this is fic noir, with jazz, cocktails, cigarettes and style.

Bachelorette Set by Twinkledru J
An ongoing series.  Snape and Hermione, with Bjork, Draco and angst.  Lovely.

Fortunes Favour the Bold by Seldes Katne
Three seventh year students perform tarot card readings for Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall at the end of Book 4.  An intriguing set of character studies.

Violaceous by Twinkledru J
Draco Malfoy's 17th birthday party.  Decadent, sexy and disturbing.  Draco/Krum (yes, really).

This Lover by Liz Barr
Here's a story of a bittersweet relationship that is beautifully expressed. I love that melancholy tone that lingers after the story - it's like a sad refrain.

Dreaming and the Lifted Veil by Tess
There's just not enough girlslash in HP fandom.  Plausible, interesting Lily/Narcissa.

Close Encounters of the Harry Potter Kind by Seldes Katne
An American librarian deals with a very ... distinctive patron.

Lust Over Pendle by A. J. Hall
It bills itself as a comedy of manners and mystery.  Not only does it successfully straddle two genres, but it's also a plausible (!) Draco/Neville, and bloody funny to boot.  It opens with some embarrassing photos, Narcissa Malfoy and Neville's grandmother.  It ends with ... well, bathroom appliances, Dudley Dursley's girlfriend and general insanity.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

A Quaint Notion by Helenish
More Draco slash, funnily enough.  Ron/Draco this time.  It's dark, fascinating and it ends with a chandelier smashing cliffhanger.

the Pop Goes the Weasel trilogy by durendal
Ron becomes a Death Eater, Harry marries his mother, and Draco is a chicken sandwich.  Utter, utter madness with a wicked sense of humour.

Fear by durendal
"Your Dark Lord is not happy when he's randy."  A very short fic about the real reason Snape left the Death Eaters.

A Small Truce by Marina
Snape threatens an owl, reluctantly saves Sirius Black from certain death, and talks to a wall.  One of those days, y'know?  Snape and Sirius are perfectly in character.  Gorgeous.

M u l t i - f a n d o m s

Mood Vignettes by Ellen M
I love this girl, I really do.  If you want to see how every sentence she writes cuts directly to the heart of things, look no further.   through each fandom and each radically difficult character she manages to  maintain a fragile, beautiful core.   Almost all of these are excellent, although my  personal favorites are the Pretender vignettes, Someone else's nightmare, and The Book when he wrote it.

S m a l l v i l l e

Benediction by Te
Oh, my. Hot boys. Big gay alien sex! (NC-17)

Boxed by Thamiris
Amazing fic woven in and out of Metamorphosis. Not just sex, people, *character-revelatory* sex. The best damn kind there is in fiction. (NC-17)

Drift by Sarah T.
After "Hourglass", Lionel deals with his son.

Reveal by LaT
Lionel Luthor bears witness, and ruminates on his son. (NC-17)

Middle of Nowhere by Merry
Wonderful CLex pre-slash fic that *nails* the characters. And then read the sequel, The Road Home - which is just a little slashier.

Waiting for Yes by shalott
Dark and angsty futurefic - Clark and Lex meet in a graveyard. Gave me shivers.

Incriminating Evidence by Sarah T.
Wonderful Chloe/Lex romantic comedy that reminded me a little of "His Girl Friday".

Fresh Popcorn by Beth
Clark and Lex make plans to see a movie. Pre-slash.

First Date by Beth
In the sequel to Fresh Popcorn, Clark and Lex don't actually *watch* the movie, as they are too busy getting busy. Lovely first time fic. Slash, NC-17.

Lucifer in Starlight by Brighid
Exquisite vignette in which Lex contemplates what could have been, and what is.

Belief by Brighid Stone
Gorgeous. Just a beautiful, low key future fic, pondering the effects of Lionel's death on Lex.

Chupa Chup by Te
Hilarious first time fic, featuring drunk!lex and limericks.

Caveat Emptor by Victoria P.
Clark learns the price of things.
Smile by Elizabeth
This is a moody little future-fic that aches in all the right places, its narrative weaving in and out of time like a dance.  A gorgeous, evocative story.

The Cat by Andariel
Curiosity killed the cat. And in this case satisfaction doesn't bring him back. Lex learns the truth, but at what price?

A Good Year for the Corn by Beth
Jonathan protects his family in this chilling little ficlet. Why does Kent corn grow so well?

Intellectual Discourse by Pearl-o
Clark and Lex discuss philosophy. Does personality really determine destiny?

Immortality by Grail
Forget the controversy. Read the fic and feel your heart break as Clark makes the only decision he thinks he can live with, and one that will haunt him forever. Simply stunning, and heartbreaking.

S p o r t s   N i g h t

Possibility of a World by k
From the sharp original characters to the twist on the normal Danny/Casey relationship, everything's achingly, beautifully real in this story.  It also manages to leave you guessing how things will end until the very last bittersweet second.

S t a r   T r e k :   t h e   N e x t   G e n e r a t i o n

Imperfection by Ventura 33
Have you ever come across a story that made you want to write? You know the ones, they're often the first story that sucks you into the fandom. Well this is one of those. In a previous story Ventura gave Captain Picard a Borg daughter (The Relevance of Hope, also recommended). Here she revisits the child as a Borg and writes a story from her point of view. It's a delight to read and the voice is perfectly captured.

S t a r   T r e k :   D e e p   S p a c e   9

You've Never Seen by Aquiel
Short and sweet and written with a lyrical quality that haunts you after the story is read. Shades of darkness in a character we knew just had it in her.

St a r   T r e k :   V o y a g e r

tom collins never had one in this bar by Teanna
It's been so long since I've read a decent J/7 that I've forgotten how much fun they could be. Here Teanna writes a Janeway who is spot on and a Seven who is adorable. And the rest of the story will have you plinging and plonging all over the place.

T h e   W e s t   W i n g

Dancing Drunk by Teanna
Teanna's writing surprises me and I do like being surprised. Just when you're telling yourself "you can't do that in fic," Teanna says you can and goddamn, she'll show you how. This is a dark story of a steady decay - a CJ and Toby who are not nice, and not coping.

Whatever Happened To Baby Mandy? by Teanna
This is Mandy the way we like her. She's a bitch and with a potty-mouth that makes a sailor blush.  And I love a writer who can get away with this sort of thing: "Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Yeah, whatever."

Opportunity Cost by The Stylus
It's just such a slow and beautiful story. You find yourself seeing CJ and Abbey exchanging longing looks over drinks and you can imagine the detail. The quick looks, the shake of a head. I want more!

Revelation by Luna
When you've written so many stories at such a high standard, it has to be hard to top yourself. But "Revelation" has become a clear favourite for me in Luna's oevre. This writing is so beautiful it makes me want to throw my word processor out a window and give up ever trying to write something that is this good. I think what impresses me most about it, is that it's a romance that is real - it's like believing in fairy tales. CJ and Toby the way we wish it would be.

Carrying Cathy by Luna
We could probably just stick up a link to Luna's stories here and leave it at that, but I think those of you who are unfamiliar with her stuff might appreciate a couple of suggestions to start with. This a very subtle fic that investigates that elusive definition of love and offers up a sad answer.

Transcendence by CGB
Donna figures out what she wants. Lovely Donna-voice - so true to the character.

That Only I Remember by Marguerite
Amazingly written, understated, yet like a big emotional wrecking ball, Marguerite takes us through something of what it must be like to lose a parent. Absolutely excellent fic that makes my heart hurt.

Still in Recovery by Luna
It's Abbey and it's *really* Abbey. She's angry and tired and full of fight and we love her because of it. And for those who don't believe it's possible, this is 2nd person point of view working *for* the story. Something about the use of "you" makes Abbey seem self-accusatory, holding herself up to a standard she can't possibly achieve.

Bound to be moving on by CGB
Mandy figures if you can't join them, then you might as well screw them.  This is a character who's usually forgotten by writers, but Christine nails her attitude and her arrogance and her place in the Bartlet world.

Out Here on the Border by Meghan Reilly
Man, oh man.  It's such a pleasure to see a wonderful, unfolding pretzel of a story like this one appear from the keyboard of a writer you thought you knew.  C.J.'s pain and disillusion is filtered through Toby, who's hardly an innocent himself, as they take a drive to Mexico.

Little Girl by Ellen M
Another dark C.J./Toby, this one takes place post-Manchester as C.J. continues to unravel.

Transition by International Princess
I have to admit - I'm a sucker for a story with interesting section titles. It makes it so much more - I don't know - stilted? Stilted is a good thing - particularly in this story where no one seems to know how to act and when Josh finally does the right thing, is that really
all Sam needed? I love this for the "what if..?" factor and for a sad, sad mood.

Mortal Drugs by Meg
Almost nobody melds politics and characterization like Marguerite, as shown by this weave of affection, Sorkinesque dialogue, and
bittersweet angst.

Days in Between by CGB
Lovely writing that flows from decade to decade with very little jarring.  The ever relaible Christine delivers the Toby and CJ we've come to know and love.

Aleph-Tav by International Princess
This is a retelling of CJ and Toby's story during Season three, done in a way that is moving and breathtaking. The constant highlighting of words is subtle and yet powerful. A real tour de force in West Wing Fanfiction.

Athenaeum by Kat McDonnell
Because words mean so much to us and are sometimes the edicts we live by. And because we all collect them on our skin in places you can't see. CJ and Toby and words and things that fade. This is a memorable story.

X - F i l e s

French Inhaler by Onemillionandnine
Go. Read this and remember why you wrote X-Files fanfic in the first place - because Mulder was barely in control, because Scully is a beautiful tragedy, because they love each and it really fucks them up. Yep, thank god people still do this stuff.

Sweet seasons by Maren
Here's a post-William story about Scully grieving that will overwhelm you with its simplicity.  Lovely writing that aches, with especially
nice  insights into the other people in Scully's life.

In My Secret Life by David Hearne
I love this story for the possibilities. This series never gave us answers and we loved it for this reason. This is a story that keeps so much my love for the X-Files alive. Because, afterall, it was always about ghosts.

X - M e n

Safety in Numbers by Elizabeth
This is still my favorite Logan/Rogue story, I think. It's what got me started on this whole fanfic addiction in the first place. Beautifully written, amazingly true to the characters, it still makes me weepy, no matter how many times I read it, and I've read it many times.

Life Less Static by Molly
Probably my second favorite L/R fic. Logan comes home and realizes a few things. I love this fic.

Letters and Papers from Prison by Minisinoo
A beautiful exploration of Rogue, and how she deals with one of the men in her head.  (Not a direct link)

X-Manson by Dr. Benway (Comicverse)
This is guaranteed to blow your mind. What if everything you ever knew about the X-Men was wrong? And not in a good way? Not for the faint of heart.

The First and Last Places by Nexus
Rogue finds strength in the last place she ever expected.

Perfect Ring of Scars by Shana Nolen
Possibly the first, and likely the best of the Logan/Rogue/Scott/Jean fics out there. An amazing angst-fest.

Real World: Anchorage by Dawn L. Bobby and Lea Downie (Comicverse)
Seven mutants brought together to live in one house in the middle of nowhere. What happens when people get real, and stop being polite? Absolute hilarity ensues. Note: You need to click on the authors' names to get to the story.

Seventeen by bishclone
Beautifully dark and twisted fic about the young Jean Grey. Not at all what you'd expect her to be. (note: this site has frames, so you have to click on the X-Men link and then the link to the story)

Welcome to Genosha by Ramos
A tropical vacation turns into an unexpected adventure. First-rate action and some hot Logan/Rogue scenes, too.

Princess by Kate Elizabeth
Beautiful thought piece that explores the Logan in Rogue's head. One of the best of a popular type of L/R fic.

Exceptions by Jenn
Absolutely note-for-note perfect fic detailing how two people can be in love and be the last to know.

In a Thousand Miles by Jenn
Logan takes Rogue on the run, and she learns, finally, what it is he's looking for.

Make Me Forget by Deanna
Oh, lovely happy fic with melancholy overtones. Logan helps Rogue cope with her nightmares.

Nowhere Fast by Andariel
Dark Rogue - dark and scarily possible. Rogue pushes the limits, and Scott tries to rein her in.

The Soiled Dove by Victoria P.
Noir, X-men style. AU. Private detective Logan is hired by a curvy redhead to find her stepdaughter. But nothing is as it seems.

Save the Last Dance for Me by darkstar
Utterly heartbreaking and beautiful. The ending is inevitable and *right*. Logan and Rogue, memory-wiped and set free in a world where mutants are kept in camps.

Remember Me by Khaki
Jean notices a new student no one else can see. What's her connection to Logan? Lovely meditation on one possible reason for Logan taking Rogue under his wing so quickly.


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