"Grewsome 2some- G2 "

(not quite the Awesome Foursome)

Using mime like it was meant to be used (without the audience realizing) this water sport themed act maintains the real rocking motion of a boat on water to create the fabulous illusion of really floating. 

So effective and constant is the movement, that audience standing adjacent, have described confusion as to how the act is performed and usually join in the movement without realizing. 

The Grewsome Two will 'paddle ' through any venue inside and out, or throw a line and go fishing while enjoying the gentle sway of make believe water. With plenty of water toys, audiences can join in and try their hand at 'dry' water skiing, swimming races or fishing also.

The Grewsome Two was developed for the Olympic Games in Sydney performing at Crown Casino for the duration of the games and then performed at scores of corporate and community events and launches including seafood and wine festivals, Melbourne Docklands developments and more.

The Grewsome Twosome can accommodate specially themed events with costuming and props to suit. For example at food and wine functions they will each wear chef hats and shirts, paddle with kitchen implements or spatulas and catch the 'Fish of the Day'.

Contact us to see if we can suit your event. No enquiry is too outrageous for this land loving dry aquatic team.