"Gosper and Tee Too"

...nature shows man the way...

This is an original folk story with a special structure. One might liken it to the instructional stories of the dream time and other indigenous cultures world wide. For this reason we describe it as a dream-type story.

The special structure is as follows: the story is narrated at the beginning of the show by 'Nole' an Aboriginal Elder string puppet. The action that follows represents a moment in time from the story.

In essence, it is about a young rebellious warrior who, ignoring his elders accidentally destroys the village and is banished to  become part man, part tree, until he learns respect. Only 'Gosper the Nature Spirit' can recognise this moment and only she can  set him free. Will he be able to learn to respect all living creatures, or will he remain forever trapped as part man part tree?

Other details including  cast and technical information.

'Clover' is  a giant Preying Mantis string puppet, expertly carved from cedar. Measuring approximately 90 cm high and 1.5 metres long, the beautifully sculptured form of this puppet and the gentle  manipulation required, belies the complexity and skill necessary to operate.  This original design with a total of 17 strings, complete with concealed wings just like a real insect, is breathtaking as an object of art and as an operational puppet.

'Spot' is a small version of the original giant Preying Mantis; a baby, with similarities and differences. At just 30 cms long with 7 strings,  is agile, quick and cheeky, moving off into the audience to meet and greet a surprised and delighted public.

All members of the audience are invited on to stage during the show, for a close encounter 'of the big kind' to pat, shake limbs and receive a hug from 'Clover'  under the careful watch of 'Gosper the Nature Spirit'.

Live actor, 'Gosper the Nature Spirit', is at one with nature. Able to understand the language of all living things, caretaker and friend of them all, when at rest in the forest, she is part of the forest. She is ancient and young all at the same time

'She alone has the key and authority to unlock 'Tee Too' from his entrapment.' During the show, the actor shifts between the roles of acting, musician, contact ball manipulator, magician, and puppeteer. She is the bridge between the stage and the audience.

Live actor 'Tee Too' is the young rebellious warrior banished for all time to the confines of his tree until he can learn respect. During the show, the actor shifts between the roles of actor, narrator and puppeteer.

The Tree, is a stage set approximately 2 metres tall covered in small insects and bush critters partly concealed behind foliage. Around it, 'Clover'  feeds and interacts with 'Gosper', 'Spot' and the audience. It is from this vantage point, the actor (playing 'Tee Too') operates the giant puppet.

 Original music featuring the haunting and evocative sounds of digereedoo, the natural environment and a love melody played on flute, creates a depth of drama that will carry and uplift in any venue. Contact us

This powerful yet gentle show has toured to Singapore, Taiwan and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Refugee detention centre.) 

It has played in Australia at environment and sustainability events, festivals, shopping centres, schools, community festivals and at corporate Christmas functions and as installations providing an island of calm and peaceful ambience. 
Prestige events include Ballarat Begonia Festival The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show,  and Floriade in Canberra.


Age suitability: 8/10 yrs. up 
Level Floor/Stage Space 2 x 2 Mtr
Minimum ceiling height: 1.8 Mtr 

Bump-in Time:15-min/Out:10-min,
Optional 240V Power. Please advise on application. 
Optional Sound System Please advise on application. Contact us

Best Venue: Suitable indoors or out, on stages, foyers,  gardens, lobbies, marquees, department stores, schools or streets. If you are not sure of your venue ask us, we are ready to advise. 

Special notes on utilising the above as an installation for corporate or community events:

Under these circumstances, the show synopsis is not followed, rather the puppetry along with Ball- Manipulation are executed and if appropriate, interactivity with guests.
On these occasions, a small  sound system is concealed in the tree providing ambient sounds of nature, and performances are limited to 20 minutes with 10 minute rest periods.