Meet the Team

‘The Festive Factory’  are the combined talents of: Sue Blakey and Steve Scott.

They  co-write, direct, design and perform using a variety of media, presented in a vast variety of venues tailored to suit the project of the moment.

SUE BLAKEY has  a BA from  Latrobe University in Music composition   (1984). She then moved to London to train in Mime and Puppetry   gaining extensive experience through the 1980s. International touring   has taken her to East and West Europe, North America and Australasia.

Further training:
Animate Theatre School of Corporeal Mime, London
 J Le Coq (Mime)
 Gaulier (Clown)
 Angela de Castro(Clown)
 Peter Wilson(Puppetry)
 Peter Minshal(Costume Design)
 Circus Oz/Flying Fruit Fly intensives(Acrobatics)
 Latrobe University(Music Composition)
 On the job and in the streets of the world
 (Street theatre, parades, and roaming comic interaction)

Back in Australia, with further national touring, she has worked in   Theatre in Education (TIE with Polyglot Puppet Theatre). She has produced many solo performances   using a wide variety of influences in experimental performance art and worked for a time with various Melbourne based mixed skill companies including 'Born in a Taxi ', 'The Point ', 'Handspan Puppet Theatre '.

In addition to performing, Sue has worked as a backstage technician primarily to learn the ropes of Theatre and lighting for use in her own production. To this end, she  worked in lighting at many major Melbourne and Brisbane venues on diverse  productions including  sporting, classical and Rock and Roll events including Les Miserable at the Princess Theatre through 1990. 

Her stage management, theatre and performance experience, positioned her perfectly to produce and direct the first 'Wombat Puppet Festival' in Woodend Victoria Australia in 2006. The Festival ran 2 exhibitions, 8 shows and associated forums, The Festival club with shows, 3 community workshops and an extensive month long schools workshop program prior to the festival proper commencing. The festival received  fabulous support from the local council and community groups including the local chapter of Rotary, The R.S.L.  and street traders organizations. Every show was sold out, and the festival was a huge success. 

STEVE SCOTT has designed and built puppets since 1980, and is strongly influenced by ‘out-back’ Australia. Steve has used ‘Nature’ as his   trademark theme and presented his works at many significant events   including World Expo 88, Queen Elizabeth II, Commonwealth Games, 2001 Bicentennial and National Federation Celebrations.

Steve’s childhood in the 'outback' of Australia (QLD Gulf Country), was isolated and without resources, materials or knowledge regarding puppet construction.
Consequently, self taught, Steve remained free of  the limitations and conventions associated with regular puppetry arts.  Not limited by tradition, he has developed the ability to remain open to developing unique techniques as the situation requires.

Steve's many accomplishments have been achieved through his remarkable gift and ability for creation, problem solving, persistence, and  courage to try the 'unexplored' , resulting in highly original  solutions, approaches or products that stand apart from 'the rest' and place him uniquely on the world stage as a developer of original techniques not as a copyist. Some of Steves' larger  creations have been influenced by time spent under the instruction of Peter  Minchell  (U.K.) (Rio Madi Gras). In recent years, Steve has been commissioned by  the Melbourne City Council to produce a number of very large creations to feature in the annual Moomba Parades.

Steve continues to design and build puppetry on commission as well as  conduct private and public workshops in puppetry at community festivals and schools.


Festive Factory has extensive national and international  experience. After 25 years of performing, its not possible to list   all the best achievements, but some career highlights include the   following:

2002: Singapore for the opening of their Cultural and Opera house.

2004: Taiwan for the Children's Art Festival with a follow on invitation to Czech Republic and Hungary for more festivals in Eastern Europe.

Performing to children in a refugee detention centre near Prague followed by workshops in puppetry.

Performances at two Commonwealth Games.

John Cleese of “Faulty Towers” and “Monty Python” fame requested photos of our creations at an  annual corporate dinner for the 'Committee for Melbourne' in the Giant Butterflies.

Awarded the contract by council, to design and produce two floats to represent the Macedon Ranges Shire in the 'Nation on Parade' celebrations of Centenary of Federation. In producing these floats Council required that all members of the community be invited to participate. All Schools were invited to participate in the building along with CFA, CWA SES who were also invited to be part of the parade through the streets of Melbourne.